Just a little something for me to track dates and looking back at what I have achieved or been through ^_^

January/February 2013
– Got into the otaku fandom, learnt Japanese katakana and hiragana.
– Playfully wrote down hangul in a new notebook and didn’t really tried hard to remember.

May – July 2013
– Stopped Japanese studies to concentrate on national exam, mastered katakana and a bit of hiragana (but not anymore u_u)
– Tried remembering hangul little by little.
– Learnt hangul seriously but read slowly.
– Remembering basic greetings of Korea and stuff.

August – October 2013
– Studied hard (not really) for national exam.
– Got serious in reading hangul and tried practicing when time allows.

November/December 2013
– Giving a lot of thoughts to study Korean, finding motivation and goals.

December 2013 
12th – Started the first few lessons of Korean with TTMIK
14th – Translated the first Korean tweet of an idol (Red of M.Pire)
23rd – Posted the first ‘korean learning’ tagged post on Tumblr (on Jaehyo’s birthday woohooo)

January 2014
29th – Subbed a video for the first time and posted in on Youtube! (BEAT WIN’S Introduction)

February 2014
8th – Started on this wordpress blog! ♥

(everything else is in progress~)

Updated: 16/3/2014



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