Hello, long time no post.


I’ve been kinda out of it since before Eid, (happy Eid Mubarak yall!!), and I’ve been lazy and bummed out for no particular reason these past few weeks.

I don’t know why, and maybe I just think too much sometimes. I don’t overthink one thing, you know. I think of many things at one time, haha. I’m glad I have my journal with me, and I pour everything there. I don’t think I have any ideas for this blog either. I wanted to write up something about my life, but nothing comes to mind. In the end, I’m writing about languages again in this post, haha.

A few days ago, I’ve been trying to pick myself up to study again, to manage time again, and to ignore all the negative things. I mean, all the negatives are part of life as well, but I don’t think I need too much of those in life. So I’ve been taking my time, cleaning off my room, my living room (without my family knowing lol) and also been deleting some apps and resources on my phone and laptop that aren’t useful to me and the ones I don’t use.

I’ve also made a list on the resources I’m focused on, and figured that I’ll have a clearer vision of what I’m gonna learn and what to expect in my language learning. I suck at setting goals and managing time but it’s all because I’ve been jotting down all the ‘unspecified’ goals, and it actually bothers me. I should have put “TTMIK level 4 lesson 13” instead of just a “TTMIK lesson”, you know, hahaha.

Also! Yesterday I listened to a Japanese drama CD and I’m proud to say that I understood what’s going on in the drama CD, without a translation to guide me, haha. Nobody translated it, and I figured out the story line as I listen, and I could make up some words and I just… I’m just happy that I understand the situation as a whole. It was a cute story too haha. I don’t exactly understand what they say, but I know what’s going on and personally, that’s a huge step for me. That’s a huge motivation for me. So next up, gonna try to understand ’em bit by bit.

I also discovered that translating something and making it understandable is way cooler and funner than direct translations. I personally think that translating is a skill, and if you can mend the words to be a beautiful piece (without relying too much on the proofreader), then that’s an artwork itself. I mean, if you just direct-translate it, the beauty of the language isn’t there. What you understand and how you translate and convey to people, now that’s beautiful.

Anyway, this was a useless rant haha. I still have a long way to go, and I know that, but these little achievements have made me so happy so far, alhamdulillah. May these joyful journey continue to bring me new experience and happiness! I’m going to make translating as a career one day, and this is where it all starts. If I don’t start now, my future self would totally regret it later.

Now then, I’ll be off writing down my goals for this week and next week. I’ll try to update on how that goes, hopefully. Thank you for reading and see you guys in the next post~ Byeom! ❤



Getting Back into The Swing of Things.


Yes, that’s a very long title, and this will be a very long post as well. Long time no see, everyone. This post will be a bit about everything that has been happening lately, also some notes/assessment of how I’ve been learning languages, and what I should and should not do regarding them.


More under the cut.

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New Things, New Experience!

Hello, hello.


Sorry for being a bit MIA. Okay, to be precise, not ‘a bit’, but well haha. I actually forgot that I’m using this account now and not the ‘nazaiya’ account for this blog, so you might see me liking stuff from ages ago haha, sorry about that. This post will be a bit long as I have so many things to tell, so read on if you’re interested! :3

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Language Learning Log — 23rd January

Hello, hello~


So at almost 3.30a.m last night, I finally finished reviewing some level 2 of TTMIK lessons. (I know I should be sleeping, but my cat woke me up and I couldn’t go back to sleep so haha.) I still have some reviews to go, and I’m actually embarrassed to say that I… forgot most of what I’ve learnt back then, so it’s like I’m really re-learning everything. Gosh.

I’ve never said much about this before, and I’m not sure if you guys remember, but back then I said I went for an exchange student programmer interview, right? While being interviewed, I told the interviewers that I’m self-studying languages. Who would expect that they would actually ask me to introduce myself… oh my god.

I told them that I’m more to reading and writing rather than speaking, but they insisted on it… So I said the basic “annyeong haseyo” and then “nadia imnida” then I stuttered. As to not make me anymore nervous than I already am, they proceeded with my interview without asking more. My brain wasn’t cooperating that time because I was nervous, yes, and I keep wanting to speak Japanese even though I was speaking Korean. I keep mixing them up in my head asfjkasf anddd I feel so so so embarrassed at myself. I claimed myself to be self-studying languages yet I can’t even make a proper self-introduction? Oh my god.

I kinda cursed myself at that time because TTMIK has covered the introduction part and I have actually learned it earlier, so I know it’s somewhere there in my brain… but it just didn’t come out. Gosh. I failed the interview anyway because I didn’t brought any certificates with me orz but lesson learned. This time I got the introductions down for both Korean and Japanese, needs some more pronunciation practice then I’m all set. That was my first interview ever for anything, so I guess it taught me a lot, at least. Next time I’m applying for a university and I’ll have to go for an interview again, so that’s a chance to redeem myself, hopefully.

As for Japanese, I bought myself a Japanese grammar textbook, like finally, yeay! I’m already a few chapters in and I’m soooo in love. The textbook is in my native language, so it’s easier to absorb knowledge this way haha because Malay has some similarities with Japanese.  I also like the way things are explained in the book plus there’s some exercises as well! I think the money spent was really worth it. A bit of a bummer is, it’s full of just… romanized words. So yeah, no kanji, not even kanas in it. So when I make notes, I always make sure to put at least the hiragana words and then put the kanji for the vocabs I learn in my Houhou deck.

What’s Houhou? It’s similar to Anki but it’s hella neat because it has this search feature so you search for the kanji/vocab, then you can add it to your deck and practice like you’re practicing in WaniKani!  I’ll make a post on that haha don’t worry.

The Japanese grammar textbooks I found (like Genki, Japanese for Busy People)… they just  don’t click well with my soul, you know? And yes, I really can’t handle Genki. Not my thing  because it keeps making me sleepy. The new Japanese grammar textbook I bought, though, ahh I  feel happy because it’s like really laid-back but also like a class-setting. I’d say, if you want  to search for a good textbook, search for one that’s in your native language. You’ll understand  it twice as fast, but you’ll have to alter the ways you write your notes, etc. As for me, now, my head translates both in English and Malay when I read some Japanese orz I don’t even know how to fix this. The downside of a textbook in your native language is that you’ll get confused a bit, but I’m sure if you’re a fast-learner then you’re gonna be fine~


One problem I have with learning languages is that I’m really just good at reading. My speaking sucks and I can’t even make my own sentences ahhh I need more practice and I just signed up for HelloTalk the other day, but I freaked out and uninstalled the app instead. Ahh ;;; My writing is funny too like uhh I have to write a few times to get the wordings right. Why am I so… T_T

I’m kinda scared. I still have a lot to learn and it feels like I’m so far from achieving my goals, it’s getting scary even. :c

Welp. Hopefully things will get better, and all I have to do is study more and more. May everything goes well for me from here on, haha.

Sorry that this turned out to be a veryyyy long post. Thank you so much for reading and have a good weekend ahead! See ya~

Language Learning Log – 4th January

Hello, hello.


Hope it’s not too late to wish you guys a very Happy New Year! I didn’t get to post on the 1st of January, but anyway, I hope this year will be a wonderful and great year for all of us! Things don’t get easier, but I’m sure you’ll get stronger!

Also, I know, don’t say it. It’s been a very long while since my last ‘language learning log’, haha…. oh my god. I just started focusing more on learning languages now that I have the time, and I’m feeling happier than ever!

So, things done today:

  • Unlocked level 2 of WaniKani’s radicals and kanji!
  • 11-days streak for TTMIK Vocab on Memrise~
  • Finally started learning Korean numbers. (I know, don’t tell me.)
  • Translated level 1 dialogue script of TTMIK with 95% correct translations! Ahhh ❤

In case you can’t tell, yes, I’m very happy! It’s been such a productive day for language learning for me. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to squeeze in some editing or script-editing for my projects, but I’ll probably be starting on them after this.

Being able to translate a whole dialogue (tran)script made me very, very happy, I tell you. It’s like a dream come true! I know, I’m not like 100% correct but this is like one hell of a milestone for me. Road to being a translator, I’m on my way! It’s very nice how I could actually see my progress now after studying a lot and never knew whether I actually got better at the language or not. Hehe.

I just knew that I actually skipped a few lessons on level 2 and didn’t notice it, plus I forgot most of what I’ve learned after level 1. I checked for notes on my Korean Notebook and was kinda… annoyed at my past self. I didn’t bother to copy the notes from my worn, old and finished notebook back then when I changed to a new one, and now I don’t have notes to look over. So it’s like I’m reviewing, when I actually I have to re-study the whole 20+ lessons. On the bright side, this is a good opportunity to strengthen my memories. So I guess it wasn’t so bad, ayy?

Also, friendly reminder (to myself) that you should never, ever skip the lessons on numbers in any language. I’ve read somewhere back then, that, “you’ll think that you’ll come back later to actually learn the material, when in truth, you never do”. That’s what happened to me, no kidding. If I knew the numbers, I would have been able to translate the script up to, like, 98%. Hahaha.

I guess that’s all, for now. I’ll try to keep this momentum for days to come, and hopefully this’ll go on for a long time! I’m trying to get language-learning as a daily habit, alongside finishing my tasks for projects. Been looking for the perfect app to plan my time but I guess nothing works. I’ve tried from habitbull to Forest app, nothing works. So if you have any recommendations, please do tell me! I’d like something that’s like Habitica, in which you can have a habit list so you can check it off everyday, and at the same time have a to-do list for other tasks due on the same day. Habitica sucks for me because I don’t like the interface, whoops. Picky Nadia is picky, yall.

So for now, I’ll stick to writing my plans on my (soon to be trashed) bullet journal. I need a new notebook though, that just have the perfect thickness with the perfect vintage patterns or style that suits my inner soul. Went to some bookstores with my boyfriend yesterday and didn’t end up buying any notebook as I planned, but I was grateful that he never complained how long I took to pick something out. He did ask “what kind of book actually suit your tastes?” but he never mentioned that he’s bored or anything. Sobs, I’m so thankful. Also by the end of the day we went to an arcade and had a duel on car-racing, and it was my first time playing it too. Guess who won? Me, of course. Haha. //insert a proud meme face here//

But I’m going to go watch Yowamushi Pedal the Movie this Thursday, and there’s a Daiso store nearby the cinemas so hopefully I’ll be able to find something there! Good luck to me, haha!

Gosh, this was supposed to be a language learning log and then it changed halfway, haha.

Thank you very much for reading, and see you guys in the next post! Have a wonderful week ahead, as wonderful as you are! ❤ Byeom~


My First Working Experience

Hello, everyone! I’m sure you’ve been seeing a lot of my posts these past few days, haha. This just shows how much I’ve always wanted to just blog about everything, but time constraints and whatnot. But now I have the time so… why the hell not post my thoughts and rants? Haha.


This is a little throwback from me, to end this year well. Hopefully it’ll bring all of the bad memories along with it, hehe. Ah, right, gotta tell you that this is a very long post, so… enjoy! x3

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The ‘Right’ One.

Hello~ This was typed some time ago in… I don’t remember, but a few months back. Anyway, this is a scheduled post so enjoy!

So today I went over my Korean notes, and thought to myself, that despite all of the pdf files and textbooks I have (in pdf form, of course…), I only use two resources. I only stick to two. TWO, out of my 90+mb loot of language resources.

I basically only use TTMIK and Monash U’s pdf files. (Both can be downloaded legally on their respective sites, anyway).  Aha.

And as for Japanese… Genki don’t actually work for me. Despite the huge positive feedback I read here and there about it, it still doesn’t click well with what’s inside me, haha. I get sleepy, and I can’t focus… and overall, I can’t absorb it. The only Japanese resource I use that could work like 60% and don’t make me sleepy (not for long, though) is Tae Kim’s guide.

I don’t know. Textbook bores me out, if it’s written in plain language. I feel like a freaking book is talking to me instead of feeling like someone is teaching me.

What I like about TTMIK is, yes, you feel like someone is teaching you the material. Tae Kim’s is close enough but it’s a bit too formal for me, as well.

That’s why I told myself that I may be able to accomplish Korean on self-studying with the resources I have, but for Japanese, unless I stop getting sleepy and can stop relying on fast connection to choose which youtube videos can teach me, then I’ll actually have to take a class on Japanese.

I’m a pretty picky person, you see. I’ll admit that.

But my point here is, not everyone is the same.

Things that work for you won’t always work for me, and vice versa. I always do odd things anyway, haha. (Also… I don’t like stereotypes and people stereotyping people. Everyone is different, don’t you think?).

I mean, we are all unique. So what’s suitable for someone else won’t actually suit your tastes, aight? That’s why I don’t actually read reviews unless it is very interesting, because I’m the type who’d like to try things myself. So remember, find what’s right for you, without forcing yourself to do the things that doesn’t click well with your soul.

And thank God I haven’t wasted money on buying any textbooks…….. yet.

I’m interested with the Japanese From Zero! books though. I love how they taught you in those conversational style, as observed in Korean From Zero!, though. Huhu. (Yes, I have my inner child with me whenever I go.)

So just be you, and choose things that fit your tastes, without having to please anyone or comparing yourself to anyone. Do everything, for yourself. Okay?

That’s all, haha. This is what you get when you type things out of the blue in the middle of the night, haha. Thanks for reading, byeom. xD