Study Log — 25th Sept

Hello. Wow, these log posts used to be posted once a week, then once every two weeks, and now it’s once a month? …It kinda makes me think as if I’m learning languages only one week a month, and that’s discouraging…

Anyway, I do have exciting good things to log in about in today’s post, so more under the jump!


Here, have a picture of my cat not caring about me trying to study. 


As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m not that focused on Korean much anymore until I’ve overcome this plateau, haha. But I’ve figured out some ways to make my studying better so I can retain information better, planned this and that, so I’ll probably do them when I’m ready to pick it up again. But for now, nope. I’m just doing my reviews on Memrise and that’s it.

Though, in my field of work, I’m bound to listen, hear and read Korean no matter where I go. I realize that I’ve been avoiding it a bit, probably because I’m a bit disappointed in myself, but still, I appreciate myself for the effort I’ve put it in studying Korean before — I’ve written tons of notes and had to change notebooks. Still, this tugging feeling that I didn’t study enough to understand hit me like tons of bricks.

But anyway, after I got over this rut, I’ll be printing those notes and worksheet, neatly clip them and study again and put them in a binder to keep ’em more organized, and then study with podcasts. I did Japanese this way. I need to try new things too.

Important note to self! Reading goes with listening, and speaking goes with writing. Focusing on one thing alone (like I did, in which I only focused on reading) won’t really get you anywhere — even if you just want to read, it really helps if you listen to podcasts too.

I watched Train to Busan the other day and it was so awesome and as always, I cried near the end. I’m proud to say that I understand the last part of what the little girl was singing, but that’s pretty much it haha I did passive listening since I wanted to enjoy the movie but my brain couldn’t help but pick up things here and there, lol.


Last week and this week has been really productive for me! Though in between the days, I kinda lose track of things and did nothing all day… but there are some days when I’m truly motivated so yayy.

Things achieved this week:

  • Finished my PB Level 1 book! (yeayy, and this wasn’t even a goal this week, it’s for this month!)
  • Read one and a half stories of the Japanese Graded Reader series level 01. (I find myself crying while reading Hachi no Hanashi which was in Japanese, and I felt so blessed because omg I can understand it! The other one is a bit too long, but I’ll finish it this coming week!)
  • Answered 10 listening comprehension test of JPod101 on yt here, and got like 7 right. (I don’t understand 100% so I still need to work on it more, but it feels like an accomplishment still!)
  • And reading and exercises here and there to test my own reading comprehension.

PB is my a Japanese grammar book of mine that is in Malay, it’s called “Mari Belajar Bahasa Jepun” and since the title is so long, I put it as “PB” as in “Pink Book”, because the book is in pink! Haha. I’m sure it’s controversial to say that all the words in there are romaji but don’t worry, I still learn my kanji. n_n

Ultimately this week, I completed my goals and more. It feels really… fulfilling, alhamdulillah. I’m still trying to figure out the goals for this week since I still have work to do, but hopefully it goes as well as these past weeks. Studying as if I’m taking the JLPT really does wonders to me… 😮

Also! I got down 10 vocab questions for NHK lessons, yay! Though not consecutively, of course, haha.


I guess… now, it doesn’t really feel intimidating to read Japanese text anymore, and seeing other people playing otome games in Japanese on my Twitter timeline doesn’t bother me anymore. All I could think now is, “Ahh, one day I’ll be able to read this. One day, soon, I’ll be able to join them to play these games.” And saying that myself… well, it feels really good, haha. If my studying method works and I can move forward with this, I might make a post on how to study. Hopefully that goes well too.

I don’t know if this is a normal condition, but I forget things too easily. I do remember things that happen long ago though. So uhm, I have to keep a notebook to write what I’ve accomplished everyday so that I don’t feel useless and unproductive all day, haha. As for language learning, I have to understand it to remember, but since they’re facts, they’re easier to recall than things that happened, since they’ve happened so… ah, I’m talking nonsense again.


Yesterday, I had this moment where I feel so uncomfortable and confused with everything. Like, totally slumped and exhausted. It’s a daily thing nowadays but yesterday was the worst. Back then, I used to be able to pick myself up every time. These days though, I think it’s getting harder to do that… But then, last night, I caught myself before falling deeper into sadness, had a shower and cleaned my whole room and de-cluttered. It felt really nice, and I feel so accomplished even now. Like, I’ve done something nice to myself, for myself.

I’m in a situation where I don’t know whether I’ll be enrolling into university anytime soon and I don’t know when my contract with my work will be over (since I’m the one who should call it off), but enjoying the present is not too bad. I get to learn languages, I get to watch anime, I get to read tons of manga, watch shows and cry over them, read things and cry… basically cry at everything. It’s a freedom, but at the same time it feels like a confinement, because I haven’t been socializing and my socializing skills has deteriorated and uhm, well, seeing your friends having fun doing things at campus on Instagram sometimes tug at me… but it’s okay! I’ll be okay. Maybe God has given me this path because He knows I need this time to delve deeper into my most favourite thing — languages! Who knows, right? ^^

Usually I write these posts when I’m tired but today I have a bit more energy, so please excuse the !!! and the hyperness, haha.

I’m into Asian KungFu Generation lately because they make good music! My kind of music, to be precise. Though I prefer SPYAIR and Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas more (because good visuals eh), AKG has their own charms as they make good music. …I feel so old for liking artists for their talents instead of looks, but oh well.

I love their other songs more but currently this is my jam, so here you go.

I hope we all can achieve our goals for this week and oh, for October! May good things happen in October — because there’s a lot of things that’s coming out in October hehe I’m actually excited wow. Okie then, see ya guys in the next post, byeom~!



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