Study Log – 31st July & Number in Languages

Hello. I know that it’s August already, but I needed something to take my mind off work for now, so tadaa.


I’m happy to say that even though last week I didn’t get to study everyday, I think I got my main weekly goals done and I feel my studies are fruitful so far, so yay. Unfortunately I’ll be busy this week with my subtitling, so I’m not sure if there will be a language log next week, but I’ll try my best!


– I finally memorized the days of the week in korean yay
– I also managed to remember and differentiate the first few numbers of Sino Korean and Native Korean. I’m slow at recalling them so I had to count from 1 till I get to the number I want, haha…
– I went @_@ at TTMIK’s Level 2 Dialogue because I think my listening skills are still out of grasp and… uhm, maybe they talk too fast? Iryoireul iryohaeyo is so fast I went gASP. But when I look at the transcript, I managed to understand 90% of it, yay! Still got some vocabs I don’t know and that is where I was stuck at.
– As for the workbook, I got the basics of the first 10 lessons done, so yayy. I still am confused with hantae and hantaeso so I’ll have to do more research and that later, of course.
– And never have I felt so happy that my studies have been so fruitful. Ahhh.
– Vocab!! is!!! important!!


– I’m still struggling with days in Japanese I am sorry. :c
– Also, more numbers. I finally learned how to tell the time, telling the date, asking for a date… haha, kidding.
– I used KFZ!’s exercise to test my date-telling and time-telling skills and though it still needs work, I think I’m getting the hang of it, yayy. More practice needs to be done, though!
– I don’t have much to say because all I’ve been seeing are numbers, but I’m halfway through the grammar book and it makes me happy!

But really, number in other languages are just wow. I’ve never been so @_@ seeing numbers in a sentence, only to figure out in what language I should count it in. I’m Malay, and yet I think to myself in English, so usually I will read things in English, but then… you know. Being multilingual is an amazing experience haha. I talk in Malay at home and like… 90% of the time. I’m just glad that the way we say our numbers are similar to other languages so I don’t get confused on the tenth+ parts. It’s manageable, but still needs lots and lots of practice.

I don’t hate numbers tho, not really. I used to not care because, “When am I gonna use numbers in my life anyway?”. That thought has backfired me greatly, so I’ve learned my lesson, thank you. Learning three (because Korean has two) ways of counting in other languages is one thing, learning them in the very same week has been… a unique, confusing experience for me.

Rambles on the last week!

– It’s really fun when I can dedicate a few hours after 1pm to study my arse off on languages. It makes me feel fulfilled. Although I do would want more to study at the end of the day, Koichi(?) said “leave it for tommorow so the excitement carries on”. True though.

– On an unrelated note, I went to my friend’s open house (it’s kind of an Eid thing), and was really overwhelmed with the amount of people I’ve met and wow. I went home and went to sleep right away. It was tiring. So, one day missed for Korean (on Monday last week, because I was busy with my projects) and one day of Japanese, which was on Saturday.

– I was just assigned new titles for subtitling, and I got Gossip Girl… The drama hurts me. Usually when I’m busy at work, I work too hard on finishing them that I don’t really care to eat, sleep and… language studying. :c  I know it’s bad, but I am already a workaholic haha and the sense that I have to chase the deadline is something that keeps me going. Though, it’s really tiring and I’ve been kinda wondering why the hell I’m working so hard when I should be studying. Oh well.

Welp. I will be tweaking my goals this week as well and make it specific. Good luck to me~ Thank you for reading and hope your week has been going well! See you guys in the next post, byeom~ ❤



2 thoughts on “Study Log – 31st July & Number in Languages

  1. behappyxxx

    Congrats! I wish i still spoke japanese lol i forgot it all -.-
    But welcome back! Havent heard from you in a while❤❤

    1. Thank you!! Glad to be back. Ah yes, you told me about it before. If you’d be interested to learn again, I wish you all the best (and hopefully I could be of help too). ❤

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