Study Log – 24th July


I missed the due date for my goals last weekend because I was busy with work, so I squeezed them in with the goals I have for this recent week, so let’s see how I do, haha…

Dated until yesterday because today is still a new day for me, so yay.

/ Answer TTMIK Level 1 worksheet (again).
/ Listen to TTMIK level 1 dialogue.
– Learn up until level 25 in level 4 of TTMIK.
– Memorize the days of the week.
– KFZ! Exercise for revision.
/ Memrise vocab.

As you can see, I didn’t get everything done. I was busy till Wednesday, finishing my work that was due, but after Wednesday, my schedule was to focus on Japanese, so… I couldn’t squeeze two languages a day, like I expected myself to.

I answered the TTMIK worksheet again and I went LOL because, why is it in my goals? I’m basically just revising what I’ve known over and over again, and I think it’s useless for me. I shouldn’t have done that. As for the level 1 dialogue, compared to the 90% comprehension, I now know 98%, yeay! The only vocab I couldn’t understand were 일곱 시 and 글쎄요, which are actually really simple vocabs… I suck at numbers and I feel like it could be a huge flaw but it’s hard to remember them. T_T As for Memrise vocab, haha, I think I find myself lazy to do the reviews. Most of the words are the ones I already know, and some other courses have words that I have yet to see anywhere. I think I’ll have a better chance of remembering it if I learn through context or something.

Oh! I found a Tumblr, bitesizekorean, that has all this amazing info about grammar points. I admit, even though it’s been a while since I started on Korean, I haven’t got much done. So learning new grammar points (like it’s a new discovery) was a wonderful experience for me, so I write them all down in my grammar book. It’s good for when I feel exhausted but still feel the need to learn something new. Though I feel a little… envious of people who could learn fast and enforce learning into their time-table, I think I have to also put in the extra work too. Moving on.

– finish chapter 8 of my grammar book
/ Japanese Graded Readers level 1 vol 1 story 1, 女の子
– practice with genki workbooks / write down new grammar points from Crunchy Nihongo.
– start or go through chapter 9 of my grammar book

As you can see, unfortunately, I didn’t get much done for Japanese either. But! Being able to read 女の子 was a really huge leapt for me. It was totally… amazing. I typed out the story again on a word doc and being able to choose the correct kanji for the hiragana I typed made me feel all giddy inside, like I’m actually typing some Japanese thing of my own! And for the kanji that I don’t know of, with the help of the furigana provided, I looked them up in the dictionary and it was really nice because the kanji are common kanjis and apparently I know what they mean/how they sound, but I can’t recognize the kanji LOL so I pretty much combined both in this case and tadaa, memory level UP. Japanese Graded Readers is awesome! Kind of a bummer that there’s no English translation, since I couldn’t check whether my translation is correct or not. ;;; But I think I got the basics of the story down and I feel so… accomplished. 😀 Learning through context is fun!

The Crunchy Nihongo thing is something similar to bitesizekorean. Again, useful when I feel exhausted but need to get some studying done. I’ve been procrastinating on my Japanese grammar book because… chapter 7, 8, 9 and probably 10 has all lessons about numbers, lol. But there are exercises in there so it’s good, but ahh… it hurts my head. xD

If you ask me, I probably couldn’t tell you what I was busy with, lol. I don’t remember myself… Oh, probably my manga editing thing. I guess that’s it? But I’ve been doing my WaniKani reviews and I’m having fun (although it’s frustrating sometimes) and that’s it.

Ah… I’m helping my family putting up some new wallpapers on our wall. Maybe it occupied more time than I thought it would. Oh well ;;;

I’ll just bring up all these unfinished goals to this week’s goals and tweak them a bit. Hopefully they’ll be done for real this time. Go, me!

Oooohh, a song I’d like to include in my post today is Mistake by Drug Restaurant (was called JJY Band), led by my oddball of fluff, Jung Joonyoung. Enjoy~

May we all achieve our goals this week as well! Thank you for reading and see you guys in the next post, byeom~ ❤



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