New Things, New Experience!

Hello, hello.


Sorry for being a bit MIA. Okay, to be precise, not ‘a bit’, but well haha. I actually forgot that I’m using this account now and not the ‘nazaiya’ account for this blog, so you might see me liking stuff from ages ago haha, sorry about that. This post will be a bit long as I have so many things to tell, so read on if you’re interested! :3

Anyway, things have been well for me these days, alhamdulillah. Sometimes I’m a bit too scared because I feel a bit too blessed, that I’m scared what’s gonna happen next haha. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, eh.

So. I got a new job, and it’s a very fun one, if I could say so myself. I’m working with a company similar to netflix, but a little different. Based here in Malaysia, and also we have branches across Asia. I can’t say the name of the company, or else they’ll see me writing about them lol I’m embarrassed haha. It’s an international company, and though the office is not huge, it’s a very fun one, with laidback staff members and loose rules… I’m not kidding. So most of the people there talk in English, but I slipped more often than not because when I talk in English, I have this ‘soft’ side where I talk a bit too slow (in volume) so I revert back to talking in Malay instead, haha.

I work as a subtitler. You know, putting subtitles on shows? I work on the timing though, like adjusting the time on how the subtitle would appear, instead of putting on the translations. I have experience with it before and I think I’m doing okay. I had hoped that translating was my job but this one is just as fun. Just that, it’s time consuming and we were to be expected to work fast and I’ve been trying real hard to catch up. I don’t have deadlines set for me yet but I’m trying to keep a steady pace to time myself so that I can at least manage 4 episodes of content a day. I’m currently working on movies though, and depends on the movie, I’ll either get motivated or totally slumped and procrastinate haha. I finished Ace Ventura movies for a day each, and another two movies the same, but I’m working on one boring romance movie and it has taken a lotttt out of me. With the confusing translations and crappy timing and… some scenes I’m uncomfortable with. Welp. That’s the cost of working in a comfortable company.

One other problem I have is, to mingle with my co-workers. I do have friends, and we’re a team of six people including me, that has just started on the 1st of March. I have a friend of my age in this team who is actually my online friend and we finally get to meet after starting to work together (since she’s the one who offered me the job. I sent an email and got the interview notice right that evening and I was offered the job, amazingly), and technically, she’s the youngest since she’s born in June and I’m in May, but I look smaller than her so people would totally assume I’m the youngest. My supervisor was bombarded with questions like, “You take a school kid for this job?!”, and he was like, “Of course not, she’s just finished school! I’m not that wicked!”, stuff like that, haha. Even in our team, they’re all people in 20 and mostly 24, so… yeah. I think it’s a bit hard for me to blend in because I don’t know what to talk to them about, so I just talk and ask about random things… and people has been calling me odd. Oh well.

For now, I think I’ll stop trying too hard. I mean I’ll try to ask the little stuff but won’t go further than that. I’m only gonna be 3 months in this company anyways, so better make the most of it and strengthen my friendship with my friends rather than going for new ones that I don’t know will accept me for who I am or not. It took me one year to be comfortable with my class back then, so I wouldn’t expect myself to just mingle with new people in a new environment all of a sudden. After all, I’m an introvert… Personally, I have this selfish feeling of wanting to be approached first, and I don’t want people to get into my space too much. That’s why I try not to be in people’s space too much. Gahh I think too much about this, don’t I? Most of them treat me like a kid, like I know nothing. Uhm, not to brag but uhh, I got good scores in Information Technology subject? ^^

Oh, right! I also got my examinations results the other day! And alhamdulillah, I think I got pretty good scores. I mean it wouldn’t secure me a scholarship or even an overseas offer, but it’s something to be proud of, hehe. I also got a good grade for GCE-O for English, so I’m really proud of that. I’d say, I’m proud of myself for going through all the pain and tears. But I couldn’t have done it without Allah’s blessings, and couldn’t have done it without my best friend’s support all through the way of school. I had too many changes in life in that many years of school, and I don’t regret them. The pain I’ve went through has made me the Nadia I am today. I can get by on my own, I think I am independent enough, and I think I can take care of people just fine. For the most part, I’m glad I’ve held on to life.


Now the problem is, still, I don’t have any universities in mind or courses to go for. I know what degree I’d like to pursue, but before that degree, we either have to take a diploma or a foundation programme, and I’m not sure what I should really choose. I’ve made a few decisions and decided on a scholarship I’d like to apply, but all that is left now is to wait for the results of acceptance either in April or May. More waiting, I guess. I have hoped for an overseas scholarship but the number of A’s I get won’t suffice, ahahaha ;;;;

Anyway, whatever I get later, I would take it as a route Allah has decided for me. So I should just walk through it with a strong heart, right? For now, I just have to do my best on the stuff at hand — on my job, that is. Though with this, I no longer have time for translating games or manhwa or editing or whatever. I just have to hold off everything for now. I also have no time to play games and whatnot. More like, I lost interest? Hmm, is this the sign I’m maturing? Lol. Maybe I just don’t feel like it, heheh.

One thing though. I hope this ex of mine would just go away. He won’t stop bugging me. His attachment is too strong. I do feel free now, but it feels a little strained and he’s been very annoying. Well I’m one to talk though, since I’m borrowing his laptop for work. But don’t worry, insyaAllah, once I get my pay this month, I’m sending this laptop off again and gonna be buying myself a new one, hopefully. May Allah ease everything.

Welp! That is very long. I do love my new job, again, because, my language skills are recognized there yeay. It’s a motivation for me to continue self-studying to be able to help in translating the words that need help (lol). I just have to find the time now, errr. The phrase the helped me on my interview was, surprisingly, “영화를보고 싶어요?”. I said that to my (now) supervisor during interview and he was like “…Coooool”. Haha, he’s a cute guy. Too bad he’s unapproachable and I can’t figure out what he thinks, eheh. I admire him for working hard, though. Like, respect? Yeah, that’s how I admire him.

Alrighty then! (Ace Ventura reference, anyone?). This is a chance for me to experience and learn a whole lot of new things, and I’m sure it’ll help in the future. Though personally I don’t think I have problems with my communication skills since I’m the one who don’t want to speak up, haha. But a working and ‘focus-mode’ environment like that could really help me in the long run. I’ve been playing around too much during my long break, anyways, haha.

Thank you so very much for reading this long as hell post and I hope you have a wonderful, great weekend! May our journeys are eased and well. Stay healthy everyone and remember, do what you love and love what you do! ❤



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