Study Log — 23rd January

Hello, hello~


So at almost 3.30a.m last night, I finally finished reviewing some level 2 of TTMIK lessons. (I know I should be sleeping, but my cat woke me up and I couldn’t go back to sleep so haha.) I still have some reviews to go, and I’m actually embarrassed to say that I… forgot most of what I’ve learnt back then, so it’s like I’m really re-learning everything. Gosh.

I’ve never said much about this before, and I’m not sure if you guys remember, but back then I said I went for an exchange student programmer interview, right? While being interviewed, I told the interviewers that I’m self-studying languages. Who would expect that they would actually ask me to introduce myself… oh my god.

I told them that I’m more to reading and writing rather than speaking, but they insisted on it… So I said the basic “annyeong haseyo” and then “nadia imnida” then I stuttered. As to not make me anymore nervous than I already am, they proceeded with my interview without asking more. My brain wasn’t cooperating that time because I was nervous, yes, and I keep wanting to speak Japanese even though I was speaking Korean. I keep mixing them up in my head asfjkasf anddd I feel so so so embarrassed at myself. I claimed myself to be self-studying languages yet I can’t even make a proper self-introduction? Oh my god.

I kinda cursed myself at that time because TTMIK has covered the introduction part and I have actually learned it earlier, so I know it’s somewhere there in my brain… but it just didn’t come out. Gosh. I failed the interview anyway because I didn’t brought any certificates with me orz but lesson learned. This time I got the introductions down for both Korean and Japanese, needs some more pronunciation practice then I’m all set. That was my first interview ever for anything, so I guess it taught me a lot, at least. Next time I’m applying for a university and I’ll have to go for an interview again, so that’s a chance to redeem myself, hopefully.

As for Japanese, I bought myself a Japanese grammar textbook, like finally, yeay! I’m already a few chapters in and I’m soooo in love. The textbook is in my native language, so it’s easier to absorb knowledge this way haha because Malay has some similarities with Japanese.  I also like the way things are explained in the book plus there’s some exercises as well! I think the money spent was really worth it. A bit of a bummer is, it’s full of just… romanized words. So yeah, no kanji, not even kanas in it. So when I make notes, I always make sure to put at least the hiragana words and then put the kanji for the vocabs I learn in my Houhou deck.

What’s Houhou? It’s similar to Anki but it’s hella neat because it has this search feature so you search for the kanji/vocab, then you can add it to your deck and practice like you’re practicing in WaniKani!  I’ll make a post on that haha don’t worry.

The Japanese grammar textbooks I found (like Genki, Japanese for Busy People)… they just  don’t click well with my soul, you know? And yes, I really can’t handle Genki. Not my thing  because it keeps making me sleepy. The new Japanese grammar textbook I bought, though, ahh I  feel happy because it’s like really laid-back but also like a class-setting. I’d say, if you want  to search for a good textbook, search for one that’s in your native language. You’ll understand  it twice as fast, but you’ll have to alter the ways you write your notes, etc. As for me, now, my head translates both in English and Malay when I read some Japanese orz I don’t even know how to fix this. The downside of a textbook in your native language is that you’ll get confused a bit, but I’m sure if you’re a fast-learner then you’re gonna be fine~


One problem I have with learning languages is that I’m really just good at reading. My speaking sucks and I can’t even make my own sentences ahhh I need more practice and I just signed up for HelloTalk the other day, but I freaked out and uninstalled the app instead. Ahh ;;; My writing is funny too like uhh I have to write a few times to get the wordings right. Why am I so… T_T

I’m kinda scared. I still have a lot to learn and it feels like I’m so far from achieving my goals, it’s getting scary even. :c

Welp. Hopefully things will get better, and all I have to do is study more and more. May everything goes well for me from here on, haha.

Sorry that this turned out to be a veryyyy long post. Thank you so much for reading and have a good weekend ahead! See ya~


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