The ‘Right’ Resources To Use.

Hello~ This was typed some time ago in… I don’t remember, but a few months back. Anyway, this is a scheduled post so enjoy!

So today I went over my Korean notes, and thought to myself, that despite all of the pdf files and textbooks I have (in pdf form, of course…), I only use two resources. I only stick to two. TWO, out of my 90+mb loot of language resources.

I basically only use TTMIK and Monash U’s pdf files. (Both can be downloaded legally on their respective sites, anyway).  Aha.

And as for Japanese… Genki don’t actually work for me. Despite the huge positive feedback I read here and there about it, it still doesn’t click well with what’s inside me, haha. I get sleepy, and I can’t focus… and overall, I can’t absorb it. The only Japanese resource I use that could work like 60% and don’t make me sleepy (not for long, though) is Tae Kim’s guide.

I don’t know. Textbook bores me out, if it’s written in plain language. I feel like a book is talking to me instead of feeling like someone is teaching me.

What I like about TTMIK is, yes, you feel like someone is teaching you the material. Tae Kim’s is close enough but it’s a bit too formal for me, as well.

That’s why I told myself that I may be able to accomplish Korean on self-studying with the resources I have, but for Japanese, unless I stop getting sleepy and can stop relying on fast connection to choose which youtube videos can teach me, then I’ll actually have to take a class on Japanese.

I’m a pretty picky person, you see. I’ll admit that.

But my point here is, not everyone is the same.

Things that work for you won’t always work for me, and vice versa. I always do odd things anyway, haha. (Also… I don’t like stereotypes and people stereotyping people. Everyone is different, don’t you think?).

I mean, we are all unique. So what’s suitable for someone else won’t actually suit your tastes, aight? That’s why I don’t actually read reviews unless it is very interesting, because I’m the type who’d like to try things myself. So remember, find what’s right for you, without forcing yourself to do the things that doesn’t click well with your soul.

And thank God I haven’t wasted money on buying any textbooks…….. yet.

I’m interested with the Japanese From Zero! books though. I love how they taught you in those conversational style, as observed in Korean From Zero!, though. Huhu. (Yes, I have my inner child with me whenever I go.)

So just be you, and choose things that fit your tastes, without having to please anyone or comparing yourself to anyone. Do everything, for yourself. Okay?

That’s all, haha. This is what you get when you type things out of the blue in the middle of the night, haha. Thanks for reading, byeom. xD


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