Final Countdown~

Hello everyone.

This is just a short update to tell you that my awaited national exams are fast approaching.
Only a week left, more or less. And am I prepared? I feel kinda so-so.

Honestly, I have so many plans and things to do after these exams are over. Language-learning, movie and anime binge-watching, crafting, journalling, writing, sleeping, and everythinggggg that I used to love doing, I’d like to do them when I have the free time after my exams ended. Also, get a part-time job so that I won’t burden my parents that much anymore, haha.

But ahhhh it’s almost a torture to wait. And it kinda scares me that I’m not nervous at all…. maybe not yet. I totally, totally want to do well in these exams because this is the last exam I’ll ever have in high school, and after the exams end I will probably be free of school and science and oh my god.

I’m gonna do my best. I’ll study smart, do what I can do, and just…. do it!
I mean, I’ve waited years for this, cried rivers of tears, stayed up too many nights and just, well, put myself on danger when going to and fro from school. Gah, let’s do this!!

I want to make my parents proud, my brothers smiling from ear to ear to have a sister like me, my boyfriend sharing all the happiness because his efforts of teaching me don’t go to waste and most of all, I’m gonna make my own self proud. Proud for going this far, proud for fighting through the challenges, and proud for going through every little shit and every little piece of rainbows till the very end.

This is it. Let’s do this.

Good luck to you, Nadia! Let’s show ’em what you can do! Hyaaaaah!

Thank you for reading and see you guys after my exams finish (my last paper is ICT, an elective subject, which has a 7-days gap from the last paper for my science stream) on the 7th of December. Until then guys, may good things happen to you all and keep on fighting till the end, you got this!!! ❤


2 thoughts on “Final Countdown~

  1. Good luck!! I sincerely wish you all the best. I took my high school exams two years ago (already =_=) and there’s no better feeling than when you finish and you have the time to do the things that you love again :3

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