Japanese Log: Finally Motivated and Moving


It’s been a while, and sorry for the very slow updates. Since I’ve been away for so long, this post is gonna be long… like my other posts, of course. Haha.

So today I’m so so so happy that I’m finally productive! It’s because I’ve been doing absolutely nothing but looking for resources and whatnot and played around on Tumblr all through my school holidays. I really feel like it’s a waste of time, so today I decided; I gotta get my arse moving. And moving, I did.

First thing’s first, I did my language homework and crossed a bunch of ’em off my to-do list in my bullet journal, and then I decided… hey, I haven’t touched Japanese in a while, so, why not? Aha. The pace I’m going at since my last post was pretty slow, because as I’ve stated before, I’m a project leader for a translation team, and so I get exposed to a lot of Japanese scripts, kanji and all that almost everyday. So I managed to pick up things here and there, but my brain wasn’t that active so you could say that I learn things by heart at that point. Some I know the meanings and not the kanji, while some I know the kanji but don’t know how to pronounce. Well it’s a bit weird, if you ask me… haha.

Anyway! Today I finally get some grammar down! I mean, maybe I just learned a thing or two, but at least I got something going on, aye? Plus I’m really having fun with this learn Japanese with anime & manga thingy here, and found all sorts of resources during my procrastination from the past few days. I’m really motivated right now and I still feel like learning another thing or two, or even get a whole chapter down, heheh. I’ll be updating my resources page with Japanese stuff and gonna change some stuff a bit around here, because it’s been a while since I actually do something on this blog ;;;

Also, according to TextFugu, I’ll have to jot down some stuff for my log… so let’s see…

  • Today I finally got the hiragana down, learning katakana, learned some new vocab+kanji and studied some particles (wa, no and ka).
  • I feel like they’re not that hard so far, but I find myself getting sleepy because I’m someone who gets sleepy easily. It’s a problem on my side though, so the learning experience today was fine. I still have problems with stroke orders, though ;;;
  • I’m gonna need to work on my focus, or something like that. I’m probably too hyped that I absorb things here and there and sometimes I probably forget it, or something along those lines. Tsk tsk.
  • I want to learn more vocabulary/kanji and remember them by heart, and another two or three pages of grammar, perhaps?

I guess that’s pretty much it? Also, haha, I don’t care if people say that I’m like real slow in learning and people like me gets excited at only the beginning stages, but if you’re not in my shoes and don’t feel all these depression or anxiety then don’t even try to talk about us people that struggle with daily lives and question our motivations. As long as I’m happy then everything else comes second.

The only motivation for me now is otome games lol. I wanna read and translate ’em games *A* This is actually because recently, my team had this blow of when the prologue’s translations were screwed up and I’m like ?? ???  because I don’t know how to check the translation they’ve made. I mean, I did pick up on stuff but I never fully understand a sentence. And then they went about how this wasn’t supposed to be that, etc. So a note to myself; learn this language as much as you could so that this kind of harmful blows don’t happen again to the point of your members dropping out and quitting ;;;; Trust me, the pressure is high. And also, why does these otome games have so many unrealistic good-looking guys?!?!

Ah, I don’t rant much this time, didn’t I? Hopefully not, hahaha.

I also made a studyblr just for the heck of it. Heh.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading and see ya in the next post~ Byeom!


8 thoughts on “Japanese Log: Finally Motivated and Moving

  1. Hi, welcome back! ^.^ And it sounds great that you’ve been very productive (with your studies and everything else)! I have a lot of cleaning and work to do on my day off of work/school so I plan to get stuff done, haha.

      1. Yup, exactly! I was able to clean the house for a bit but it’s still quite messy. But today is set aside for reading. So the rest of the cleaning will be for another day, haha. I am such lazy bum. XD
        And yes, I’m on summer break now! You?

      2. Hahaha, but that’s good. At least there’s progress so congrats? xD
        Enjoy your summer break~ We don’t have summer breaks or anything here but I’m on a two-weeks school holidays, and just a week away from starting the 2nd school term. Still have lots to do, and so, I’m a lazy bum as well heheh

  2. Oh, don’t worry about learning slowly. Who cares right? I mean, even if you were to learn one kana every day, in less than 100 days you would have both the Hiragana and Katakana down. So there :D. Gonna be following your blog as I like your writing style.
    Have fun on language learning journey 🙂

  3. Thank you very much :). I am sure we will and I look so forward to watching my favorite anime/movies again (or playing video games) and being able to understand it all 😀

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