The Beauty of Japanese Language

Hey there.

I haven’t been here much but I could say that I’ve been exposed with Japanese language quite a lot…. because I’ve been watching animes and all. Hahaha.

I was really stressed these past two weeks because I have lots of things to do, so the other day I started watching a series of animes and one of them is called ‘Haikyuu!’, a sports anime about volleyballs. I’ll write an overview of it on my otome blog later probably, but what I wanna say today is that, I have never found so much beauty in a language, it actually made me want to cry.

I will make a post about why I started on the languages I’m currently self-studying, but today I’d really like to talk about what I felt at that time.

The Haikyuu characters were just casually talking to each other, but I find an inner beauty in their language that exceeds all of my hearing experience. I don’t know, it feels so nice and wonderful to the ears, and when I heard it, I was like, oh my god, this language is beautiful! Because for once, I actually understand something without having to direct-translate it!

When I learn languages, I usually relate words and grammars with Malay because personally I think they have similarities, but recently I knew about a method where, you have to think of that thing in your target language.

For instance, a cat. If you see one, you don’t say “Oh that’s a cat! What was it in Korean…?”. Nope.
You say, “Oh! What’s that… goyangi! Or neko!”. That’s how it should be done. I should have done this earlier though. And yes, by this way, I’m lessening my direct-translation hahaha. I don’t know how I actually direct-translate it before though……..

Also, I’m a project leader and manager for a translation project for an otome game. (Well it’s a game for girls). Anyway. Even though I’m the leader, I have almost zero Japanese skills whatsoever…. at first. And now I’m really happy because I am totally benefiting in being the leader because I could look over the scripts multiple times, check out grammar structures and even memorize kanji! Or at least I think, I’m improving my listening skills more though hehehe.

For me, Japanese is beautiful in its own way. It is a language that I’d like to speak, to write, to listen and to understand. And I hope that this way, I am able to learn lots even with my busy schedule.

As for Korean, this language is also beautiful. But rather than beautiful, I would say that it’s pretty. It’s simple, and yet complicated.

Gosh, I love languages. Seriously.

Good luck to me, and I hope I’m able to balance my language-studying well with my busy life. Sometimes I feel like school has no more meaning to me since it gets in the way too much, but then again, school is also important. Hyuuuu.

Good luck to me, and good luck to all of you. May we all are blessed with strength to face our days, and have a great week ahead, everyone! Thanks for reading and byeom~ ❤


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