Japanese Log – Starting Out

Hello, hello.

The past week had been very busy, although I could say that I was pretty productive in terms of finishing my homework, haha. I’m serious, I haven’t done anything other than school this week, which explains why I haven’t update my manga scans thingy and the otome translation project (in which I just started progress on like finally). Whoops. Moving on–.

As you’ve known and remembered, I’ve been rolling around feeling so miserable and envious for a lot of reasons and this morning, like early morning, I got this some kind of fire lit up within me. And I was like, “Yes, it’s time to study Japanese!”.

I know, why just now? Why not before when I posted all those motivational posts? Hahaha, I’m not sure. I guess the hardest part in life mostly is actually starting out something. For instance, your assignment or homework. Before starting, you’ll drown into the procrastination sea and decided that you don’t wanna do it today and wanna do it tomorrow. Same goes for what I felt before learning Japanese.

And I just wanna say that I’m proud of myself for finally getting started on studying Japanese. Yeay for me!

Well, it’s nothing much actually. I remembered a few kanas for today and did some exercises on memrise and I’m really happy with my progress. I just got to know that there’s that Microsoft IME thing (and it’s already set up on my laptop, wow and lol) and it’s hellaaa raddd because you can just type the romaji and it comes out as kana and then when you press on the spacebar, voila, kanji! Gosh this is really making me happy. I’m just kinda bummed with the fact that it only works for Japanese and as for Korean, it does work. I just have to buy a Korean keyboard sticker thingy, I think. Huhuhu.

I think for Japanese, memrise is hella useful. Actually, memrise is useful for pretty much any language and everything but I didn’t use it much for Korean. But I guess I’ll give it a nice shot this time for it. Gonna use it whenever I have time~ Anddd I reviewed what I learned back then when I was playfully studying Japanese. Hahaha, I was… dumb and okay? I didn’t regret what I’ve learned before because most of the stuff I learned before are just phrases so I kinda remember them hehe.

I know that I jump from one language to the other (but I’m still learning both don’t worryyy) but I guess what’s important is what fuels you at the current moment. I’ll do a post on what motivates me and why I learn these languages later but to put it simply, I currently am very interested to read those otome games and j-manga. As for Korean, if I ever listen to any recent k-music right about now, I am so sure I’ll have another grammar lesson down by tonight. Just that I can’t, for now. I need to concentrate on life this week hahaha.

I’ve found a hella lot of resources for Japanese studying and some more for Korean, so I’ll update my resources page later. I can’t promise a thing because mom said the internet is gonna be cut off tomorrow lol srsly and welp, I just have to do my best to squeeze in whatever I have into my language learning.

Also I’m very happy that I’ve bought some new stationeries and some revision book for my schools. Time to gear up to study! A news to tell; I’m selected to do a public speaking representing my school! But guess what, it’s on Tuesday and I’m under-prepared. Kinda. Astaghfirullah. I seriously need to memorize those lines.

I’ll do my best! You too, should do your best. I hope I get past this week okay because I’m worried about a lot of things right now tbh omg huhuhu.

Welp, thanks so much for reading and have a great week ahead everyone! Good luck and byeom~!


2 thoughts on “Japanese Log – Starting Out

  1. Hannah

    I think it’s like going through a period of thinking and saying we’re going to do something and then finally we get to do it, like revving up sort of. ^^; Good luck! Feel free to talk to me anytime about Japanese, I’ve been studying for eight years and I must say, going from Romanji input to a keyboard with set kana was an interesting experience XD

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