Journalling 101: All the Notebooks!

I’m sure people, mostly girls, hoard all the pretty, crafty notebooks they could buy on the bookstores, and kept them stacked on the shelves, with nothing much to do. As someone who collects notebooks at times myself, the only way to ease out our feeling of anxious that we wasted money on these beautiful babies, is by journalling!

I know, some of you don’t wanna use ‘em notebooks because they’re too pretty to be touched. That’s okay. But I’m sure there’s some others that you itch to write in, but not sure what to write. Prompts? Guides? Are there even any?

So here I am, starting today, am gonna write down about my journalling journey here on the blog! Yeay~ So if you also have notebooks that you wanna journal in, join me in this quest and together, let’s fill those notebooks with our hearts and soul ❤

These are what I’m currently writing in. Heheh.

I’m not sure why, but I love writing more than typing. That’s why, for every category/different stuff I think and want to talk/write about, I specify which book I wanna write it in. I always sit and stare for like 15minutes deciding which ones to use and abuse, lol. I’m serious, haha. I have one notebook for each thing I want to write about.

From the left: My Korean learning notebook, my diary in 2014, my diary in 2015, my verb/vocab notebook, my school-stuff notebook, my bullet journal and my life journal, that contains inspirational stuff and quote. A Japanese notebook coming soon huhuhu.

My posts of journalling would sometimes be prompts, ideas and whatnot. You can go along with me if you want, or you can be creative about it and that’s perfectly fine! As you can see, there isn’t many choices of notebooks from where I live so sobs.

I’m not a fan of color-codes, nope. I don’t like when I read notes and there’s just hella colourful things in there, it breaks my brain haha but yeah I admit they’re nice to look at. I prefer the simple black and blue pens, and occasionally pink or purple pens for titles and a yellow highlighter which is only used in classes. ha.

Also! The benefits of journalling includes:
• It helps in overcoming depression, anxiety and over-thinking.
• Your ideas are poured out and ‘elaborated’.
• Those notebooks are finally put to good use!
• Perfect in times of peace.
• For when you need something to look back at once you’re old(er).
• Spark creative ideas!

So, from now on, let’s go through the journalling journey together! Grab your journals and let’s go~

Hahaha but no, really. Just wanted to share with you guys these stuff. I’ll probably do posts on which one I use and what I write, just to share and all~ Thanks for reading and good luck!! Have a nice day~


4 thoughts on “Journalling 101: All the Notebooks!

  1. I might join you with this, I really do love my note books and prefer writing over typing (even though I want to get better at typing with other keyboards). I am a fan of colour code, but prefer having three colours at a maximum >.<

    • Yeayy! Welcome aboard~ Do you have any journals you’d like to start with? Just a journal as in life (and inspirations,) or maybe a bullet journal? If you wanna suggest something, feel free to as well :3

      Aha, I see. If color-codes are your thing then go for it~ ^^

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