A Productive Day.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this happy and all smile and giggles for the whole day. Thank God, everything was well today. I am happy, I did my homework, and did not break down.

One thing I have to note is that, yes, I’ve skipped school yet again. I don’t wanna make excuses, so I’ll admit that it’s my fault for waking up late. I will not blame anyone, and I will try to not do it again.

Since morning I’ve been working real hard, finishing my homework. I was feeling kind of blue on Sunday, so I’m really happy that I got so much stuff done off my to-do lists today, on a very nice Monday. I did the house chores, finished my Maths homework, done my two language essays, managed my project a bit, and just now I made a study time table. Yeay, like finally! (I use Wunderlist for to-do lists, fyi).

My mom always complain that my handwriting is small, but I like it this way hehe.

As you can see, my study time-table is really flexible. I put the ‘/’ sign indicating that I can choose whichever subject I wanna study, and I also put language studying in there. I’m really gonna start doing this and get hella serious. Okay, maybe not too serious, haha. I’m not the person who sticks to a tight schedule and I like it when I can just loosely plan and do things however I like it. I also only make study time-table when I have big exams, lol. Now all left to do is to get working and follow the time-table as planned.

Also, just now I checked my exam results online. I wasn’t planning to check it tonight but my friends were all busy talking about it so I got curious. Alhamdulillah, I did pretty well ^^ I failed only one subject, which is biology. Gosh, it’s my favourite subject and yet why I cannot score sobs T_T I’ll just have to work harder next time!

I have one more English worksheet that needs to be done, since I totally forgot about it today. Gotta finish that first, check on stuff and then I’m off to bed. I hope everything will be okay tomorrow. Also, please don’t strain yourselves too much, alright? Rest when you need to! Your health and well-being is important!

Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading! May all of us have a nice week ahead, see ya in the next post~ Byeom~


3 thoughts on “A Productive Day.

  1. Wow we have so many things in common it’s scary. First, my mom also complains a lot about my small writing “The teachers wont understand a thing” said she. but i like it that way. seems more personal.
    skipping.. something i’m extremely guilty for and am trying real hard to fix it isn’t so easy though.
    Thank you for your post i enjoyed reading it and have a wonderful week 🙂

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