A Little Update.

Hello, hello.
I’ve been posting these ‘A Little Update’ posts on my other blogs, so the last stop will be this one. Hehe. Just some updates on real life stuff, nothing special, really ^_^.

These past weeks have been very busy, with exams, camps and all. Even this week, it’s a one-week holiday but I still have to go to school for extra classes. Sometimes I just don’t believe how I manage to juggle up all these stuff and still could laugh with my friends. Ha, precious, precious memories.

Exams was okay, and I’m glad to say that most of my results were satisfying, and I’m happy with it. Still, I need to improve and read more. I didn’t cram for this exam but I do think that I could have done better if I’m well-prepared from the beginning. I’ll take this as a lesson, because I’m pretty sure I screwed up on my Biology exams. Gosh, I really wanna pass that paper so much ;;;;

Camp was, omg. Believe it or not, as girlish as I am, I love extreme sports. I thought we were gonna do some flying fox or bungee jumping, but no. We’re doing water sports! Let me tell you, water sports makes you two or three times more exhausted than land sports, I’m not even kidding. Rafting, floating, log-race, gosh. We were even told to roll in a mudflat! So I encouraged my friends with “Let’s roll like a buffalo!”, in which really cheered them up haha. Besides, this is like once in a lifetime experience. Highschool seniors like us really appreciate these memories, but if given the chance, I would definitely not join again. Haha.

Anyway. Recently I downloaded the Wunderlist app for chrome. I guess it’s pretty nice? Because I have so many to-dos and I couldn’t possibly remember them when I write them down, so putting them up on my desktop. Ha, easy access! I’m just surprised at the number of the to-dos and shit I really need to get done. All I’ve done is work and no play, after all. Tsk e_e

This week was exhausting, but today I managed to clean up my study space and organized some papers! Gahh, I seriously dislike having too much papers in my room. Poor trees ;;; I’ll just have to hold them on for just a 8 months to go, and then I’m gonna recycle them all!

Also, I’m planning to make a study schedule from now on, like finally haha. I’ll put some Korean and Japanese learning in there, as well. I really need to lessen my playtime and be more serious about this. I mean, looking at the bright side, people are giving me support, providing me with what I need to study. Shouldn’t I really start studying, for real, this time?

Anyway, here’s to more productivity today and for days to come! If you’ve noticed, I’m typing this post at a really relaxed pace, because it’s a calming Saturday afternoons. And you know just how much I love Saturdays. Haha.

I hope everyone’s having a great day ahead, and keep going strong for whatever you’re going through! Let’s do this together, hwaitingg! ❤ Thanks for reading, byeom~


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