Memorization Tip – for Hangul & Kana(s)!


This is a scheduled post, so when you’re reading this, I’m probably at my school, acting as a medic for my school’s cross-country event. Hope it’s going well! x3

So. Coming from a country where we use normal alphabets as English, I can definitely understand the feeling of how hard it is to memorize letters from a whole new language, especially at the beginning stages of learning a language. You could apply this to whatever language you’re learning, honestly, and not just for hangul and hiragana & katakana.

I only have one tip, so read well~ I’ll be putting hangul as an example, though. Let’s start!

Okay. So. I’m sure by now, you already have your hangul sheet in front of you, but you’re getting confused with how to write names, and which letter is which. Ah, isn’t it annoying? Fret not, because what we need right now is your idol’s names! If you’re not into K-music, then your name or your cat’s name itself should be fine.

Now, according to that sheet, write out the letters of your desired name one by one. It’s okay if you don’t know in which order it should be for now, because our focus is to memorize the letters. If you’re still confused, okay, let’s do like this, when I started learning Korean two years ago:

I spelled Changjo’s name: ㅊ ㅏ ㅇ ㅈ ㅗ
And then Chunji’s name: ㅊ ㅓ ㄴ ㅈ ㅣ
And then the rest of Teen Top’s members names. Afterwards I began to spell my own name, and then my friends.
If you remember how to put the letters in their order, like 창조 and 천지, just write it like that because that looks better, honestly!

Afterwards, check the real spelling on the internet. I’m sure the biography profiles of your idols have their hangul names on it~ ^^ I taught my friends using this method, and it took them like only a few days to memorize. Yeay!

It’s perfectly fine if you get any of the letters wrong. Practice makes perfect, all right? ❤

Also, I’ve proven myself that it works with katakana before a few years back as well. But I haven’t done it in a while so I forgot most of them, because to me katakana is more difficult to remember than hiragana. But you can use the same method, and in this case, you can use anime characters’ names! I advice you to use character names from Naruto or Hitman Reborn since they don’t have much kanji names and most of them are in katakana.

What I did, though, was watching my younger bro played his Naruto Ultimate Ninja (I don’t remember which version) on the PS2 (and joined him playing lol), and then memorized the name like that when it displays. Guess who’s name I managed to remember first? Yes, Kakashi. Mwahaha.

You can also try Andrew’s style here! It’s different, but I think it’s the same concept. I’ll try his method soon, too :3

Anyways, good luck! And thanks for reading, byeom~


5 thoughts on “Memorization Tip – for Hangul & Kana(s)!

  1. liske95

    I do have to admit that Kpop names contributed a lot to me being able to read (and consequently write) hangul! For hiragana I remember I just did a few characters every day, and katakana just didn’t want to go in my head at the time. Since I haven’t studied any Japanese for the past few years, most of it is gone too. But I’ll remember this method for when I pick it up again!

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