Conditions in Which I Concentrate Better

We all have different styles when it comes to studying, and we all know pretty much what we need to do or have in order to concentrate. But sometimes, we just don’t get that thing. We’ve been sitting like hours, but what about this word that never want to stick to the brain? What’s this formula doing not making me understand it?

I was actually planning to write tips on how to study better, but I figured out everyone has different styles so I’m just gonna write this from my point of view. If you feel like sharing yours or anything to me, feel free to do so :3


there are days when writing an essay takes a little longer than an hour. today wasn’t one of them. 

How we study, our surroundings and environment actually have a huge effect of us when we study. I figured that out recently when I could only concentrate, like really concentrate, in the evenings. Well, it used to be early mornings, but it have changed now because of the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. When I say evenings, I mean at exactly at 8pm. And then the motivation and energy will go down the drain if I procrastinate and it suddenly gets to 10pm, in which I suddenly feel restless and decided to just sleep on it — something I’m never gonna be proud of. Waking up early to finish it is a pain because I always hit on the snooze button ><

I also like it when it’s cold outside, (evenings here aren’t that cold booo) or during rainy days, and I’m wearing my comfy and fave clothes for the day… Makes me feel all productive like I can accomplish everything :3 Too bad I’m slow when I do my homework and tasks, so the cold would always pass by and disappear along with my motivation. Sobs.

Not to forget, dim lightning! Well, no, I don’t use a study lamp or anything of the sort. I just like it if I get as less sunlight to my room as possible. My desk is right next to the window, so I can just pull the curtains when I feel uncomfortable. During the day, I always switch off the lights (for the entire house, honestly,) since it’s really bright outside even with the curtains spread out. Now, the only thing that bothers me is that my eldest brother puts the lights back on whenever he sees darkness…. And then my second brother puts the lights back off because he likes the dark… And then they start to argue like little children and I have to ease the situation….

Yes, I like it when it’s quiet. I hear my friends say that they need music to study all the time. So when we’re doing study groups, they always wanna sing or want some music on. Uhm, sorry but no. I like it when it’s quiet, or when it’s only the sounds of nature when I study. I can understand, most students like to study with at least some nature musics on, and of course, you’re free to listen to ’em…. but please put your earphones in, maybe? I do listen to music when I’m copying notes or do tasks that don’t need that much of thinking, and I even listen to loud k-rock stuff (I blame Jung Joonyoung for his nice voice in rock music urgh) so I can tolerate, so people should be considerate to me as well, at least. In some cases, I use earphones but most of the time I put on loudspeaker so that it blends with the background, but only when I’m on my own. Welp.

Oh yeas, I like to study alone. Being alone puts me at ease. Sometimes I want to take a break from talking to people and shut off my phone from all the messages and chat notifications, haha. Study groups aren’t for me, honestly. Two years ago my friends got me into study groups every Thursday or something, and I was frowning whenever they mention about the group, when I’m in the group, and when I get home from the group. Study groups aren’t for me ;;; I don’t really like to talk in front of people in general, it makes my knees shake, but at the same time, I like to lead and talk as a leader in presentations. Dual personality, oh noes~~

I don’t like it when people stereotype me. Suddenly saying that just because I’m left-handed, I’m right-brained, so I should be ‘creative’, ‘good at maths’, and all of the wonderful things people label me. I’m sorry, but I’m not as you expect. I write with my left, but I also use my left brain because I love languages, I like all things organized, and I am no way creative. When people give me projects and say “be free! be creative!” I always sit and stare the canvas/spreadsheet for like minutes before starting e_e I’m not someone who can use both hands like idols do (Jaehyo and Joonyoung, I’m looking at you two >.>), but I do use my right hand. Gotta blend in once in a while, haha. (Also, Joonyoung uses chopsticks and spoon with his left hand when eating… and that’s what left-handed people do. So I’m suspecting that Joonyoung is actually left-handed and he’s just… using his right hand because he can.)

And lastly, drinks! Gosh, caffeine doesn’t work for me. I don’t like coffees in general, so I only drink it when I need something to fill my stomach on rare occasions, but yeah… I don’t like coffee. I prefer tea. But lol, just today I drank two cups of coffee. Welp, Nescafe 3 in 1 is the only coffee I can stand anyway :3

But why, why, why nothing works to erase my sleepiness? I tried everything, from cold showers, ice, coffee (lol), and even washing my face. My sleepiness is the champion. At 10pm sharp, come everything. My momentum would begin to slow down…. and fade away by 11pm. Ha.

Whoops. This was long. I was just itching to share this, and I guess that’s all for now. I’ll write more when a few ideas pop into my mind for new posts, hehe. Thanks for reading, have a nice day and good luck! Byeom~


10 thoughts on “Conditions in Which I Concentrate Better

  1. oh nice! When it comes to memorizing, I talk to myself while I follow along with my notes and text. But when I try to understand concepts, I do as many practice questions as possible, and this works especially for chemistry, physics, and math.

  2. Hannah

    I find that I prefer to study alone, work at my own pace. Speaking is my weakest point and so I’m thinking of trying iTalki, have you heard of that? So shy though ^//^”

    1. Yes yes, same as me then! ^^ I like being alone so I end up locked in my room a lot haha. Ohh, I’ve heard of that but never really use it. I don’t really try to speak much because yeah I’m shy too ><

      1. Hannah

        Yeah ^^; I think I might try it in future for speaking practice. People talk about using skype and I just worry about strangers n all, so this looks a lot safer~

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