Happy 1st Anniversary!


Today I happened to log in here and got notified that it’s Pastel Faery’s 1st anniversary. Yeay!

So, I’m wishing this blog a Happy Birthday! May this year be good for me, this blog, and my Korean studies. Also, I hope that it motivates me more to do more good things and study better than before, achieve success in my national exam by the end of the year, and also could improve my learning styles, in terms of Korean studying and school. Good luck to me! And to everyone else as well! ^^

I thought I made this blog on the 8th of Feb, turns out I kinda lose count? Anyways, I’ve been pretty busy with life and extra classes, and juggling projects and stuff. Hmm, I admit I don’t have time to sit here and actually learn new grammars, but I do learn a LOT of phrases and words. A lot of things had been helping me, even games. I try to take things positively and I’m thankful even if I get to learn one teeny weeny bit of a word a day.

I have some posts that I wanted to type out, so I guess I’ll post them up soon. About different methods of studying, tips on learning letters of another language, about me picking up on Japanese (kinda) and life in general. I’ll squeeze out some time to update this week probably since I’ll have a few days of holidays for the Chinese New Year.

Alright then. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Byeom~ ^^


One thought on “Happy 1st Anniversary!

  1. behappyxxx

    Wow, happy anniversary! That’s definitely an accomplishment worth noting. I don’t think I’m even at six months yet, haha.

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