Finishing A Task, ASAP


Through these two weeks I’ve learned that, we have to always, always, finish something as soon as possible when we get it. Yes, for almost five years of high school, I’ve only learned my lesson now.

I was keeping up with the pace until just the other day I skipped school because of some stuff, and then I’m way, way behind in schoolwork and homework. I’m trying to keep up but I keep getting left behind. I keep doing them but they just, like, got stacked more and more as I do them. So here I am saying, that doing your homework/task as soon as possible is a must. If you don’t feel like it, just… remind yourself or something. At least start on it. It’s really important, because then you would get more work and then your schedule would be in chaos… somehow.

One thing I dislike about my methods of studying/doing homework is that I’m pretty slow. I thought I write pretty quickly, but actually the clock ticks faster than I thought it would.

And. Guess what? I dropped a subject recently, which means I won’t be sitting for the exam when I have to nor have to study it anymore. But then suddenly the teacher who taught me that subject kinda shove a sarcastic and hurtful remark in our Whatsapp group, claiming that people who dropped any subjects at all are cowards, taking another route for success without actually trying. He was directing it to me, and it’s obvious. I took no notice at first, but when he mentioned ICT (the subject I took in replacement of the subject he teaches), I knew it was me right on the spot.

I typed a whole post a few hours back, pouring out how depressed and hurt I was. But I’m fine now. I mean, in the long run, it wouldn’t matter much. If I do take the subject and couldn’t actually study it well, the one who’s gonna fail is ME. Not him. The one who’s gonna struggle through all the schoolwork that I couldn’t make my mind to do is just me. Not him. So… why bother?

I hope other teachers know that the way to encourage your students is to wish them well, not to say cruel stuff that would wither your students’ spirits. Oh and, I’ll do my best and prove to him that I can do it even if it kills me hearing his sarcasm almost all the time.

So today’s study tip are: Finish your given task/homework as soon as possible, and also, ignore cruel comments from the people who wouldn’t matter much in your life in the long run (hopefully). Let’s strive to be the best!

Now I’m gonna be off doing my homework and seize the day and week! Carpe diem, right? And hakuna matata… haha. Thanks for reading, byeom~!

(p.s: in case you’re curious, I dropped chemistry. yeap, I’m not that clever. no offense, though.)


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