Learning Korean with Videos?

Just a short update today. The first week of highschool was busy for some reason this year, but I think I can keep going. After all, with all this positivity and my friends all working hard to finish their homework as fast as they can, shouldn’t I join the wagon as well? Haha, I’m serious though. We get homework everyday for every subject non-stop and it’s always due the next day. Welp, I can do this!!

Anyway, with my recent internet upgrade, I can now watch videos on a regular basis, thank God. I’m kinda busy to use the laptop and sit here to write down and learn lessons, but I’m sure one Korean-learning video a day wouldn’t hurt. I also have been watching motivational videos as well. My first few Korean lessons back then was from Atom… something. I don’t remember but it’s the youtube channel for the KoreanHelp twitter account. It’s really great, but the video lessons that time were one-hour long and my internet wasn’t very helping.

I’m interested with TTMIK’s “How do you say this in Korean?” videos nowadays though. They’re short, and very informative! (Wait, informative? lol very dictionary-y). Kyunghwa seonsaengnim is so cute :3 So! I’m open for suggestions~ If you have any videos that helps you in learning Korean, feel free to tell me! I don’t mind if it’s one-hour long, as well. I’ll surely check them out. I know that there’s tons of reviews and recommendations but I like it when people recommend to me personally xD

And 2 Days 1 Night had helped so much in my learning, as well. This is getting fun! I’m like killing two birds in one stone hahaha. You know, stress-reliever and learning at the same time?

Anyways, thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful day ahead! Good luck for another week of school/work~! Byeom~

(p.s: a little tip, do your homework as soon as you get them. this is what I learned just recently lol please smash a brick nearby to me haha k)


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