Study Log: Finished Level 3 of TTMIK!

Hello hello~

I’m quite happy to say that I’ve been productive so far in the first week of January ^^

I’ve been feeling rather productive and positive, and I learnt a lot this week. And yeay, I finished level 3 of TTMIK~ I should point out that I said I finished, and I haven’t quite started on level 4 yet. I think I need a little recharge and do some of my homework, and then continue on TTMIK’s lessons.

I didn’t know that level 3 was hella fun. It includes almost everything of what I want to know. For instance, the usage of ‘
-는데’ , some irregulars and also the useful word builders! Plus there were also lessons on banmal 😮 It’s a satisfying journey, I tell you. I don’t know how to comprehend but I feel so accomplished right now haha.

I kinda previewed Level 4 after. It looks kinda scary, but I can do this! I’ll try my best as well!

I also released a manga which I translated from Korean raws. If you wanna look at it, it’s here on my otome blog. Honestly it helped me a lot in my learning, and typesetting as well. I can finally say I’m more familiar to a lot of stuff now :3

I already have some plans for future posts, now that I’m turning this into a study blog (much like a studyblr lol) but focuses on Korean stuff weee so I’ll figure out what to post later haha.

I know my goal is different from what I’m learning in school, but I wanna do my best in both as to not disappoint myself and everyone else.

Let’s do this. Fighting! Thanks for reading, byeom~!


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