Time Management – for someone who can’t manage time well

Hey heyy.

I know that I’m a huge slacker and usually put off things until the few last minutes, but that’s just me. However, there is a way to it. Although not usually, I always get things done. Before the deadline, that is. So… before we all compare ourselves saying “I’m the champion at procrastination!”, shouldn’t we all change that?

Okay then. How to be organized 101: Nadia’s style ^^

The first thing I do is make a to-do list. Just grab a paper and write down whatever you need to get done. For your ‘procrastination activities’, write them at the back of the paper or the bottom of it. Be specific. I used to just write like ‘english homework’, ‘chem project’, but those kind of stuff would just reflect in your brain like some sort of a huge chore.

Instead, write things like ‘Korean’, with bullets underneath with ‘5 vocabs memorization’, ‘one grammar lesson’, etc. It’s gonna look overwhelming, but you’ll have a clear view of what exactly you wanna get done. Not just ‘learn Korean’, and yet you don’t know what or how you’re gonna do it. Also, put the date on the top. You can also do multiple to-dos for days to come. Trust me, it’ll come in handy.

Extra: If you want to plan out what to do for a day or a few days, you can download a daily planner here. You can put what to do at 8am, 9am, etc till the end of the day for better organization. I did print them out because it looks fancy and nice, but using them? Ha, not quite me.

The second thing is to clean up your workspace. This is more for an organization, but, with a clean and tidied up workspace, you would feel even more motivated to get things done. Because when I see my table all messed up with the books I stack… “Hnghh never mind, I’ll do this later”. Which leads to more procrastination and putting off, and late for deadlines. Ha.

Step three? Don’t think about forcing yourself! I’m the type who does things at my own pace. I’m not a disciplined person; I play when I want to, be productive when I want to. But in the end, if I play too much, I’ll feel guilty for not getting the job done. But if I work too much, I’ll feel overwhelmed and would eventually feel like crying and sleeping all at the same time. Don’t force yourself if you don’t want to. Some people say “you gotta force yourself. Just start!” in which case, doesn’t work for me.

So how to keep yourself from doing ‘too much’? This is what I do: every night before I sleep, I list out the things I plan for tomorrow. Don’t think too much, just list them out. The next morning, after breakfast and all that, check your to-do list and keep in mind of the time frames for each thing. It’s not really a schedule, just a guideline for you. For example of  my thoughts as I lazily glance over my hella long to-do list: “I’ll do some typesetting in the morning. If I’m not in the mood for it, I’ll put it off to the evening. In which case, in the morning, I’ll play but for the afternoon I have to write out an essay.”

Now… I’m sure it’s all confusing, but I hope you understand that. Swap the time as much as you want because you already have a to-do list, and it’s not like there’s an order for things to get done in that day. As long as you get it done, that’s all that matters anyway! Plus, with a to-do list in mind, you’ll feel more guilty to procrastinate :3

If you need to take a break, breathe and have a cup of tea. If you need to sleep, take a nap. If you want to go play with your cat, just do it. If you stress over something for a period of time, your momentum would go down the drain and you would be slower in getting the job done. Trust me, I’ve experienced a lot even though I’m still young. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of other things I’m gonna go through. Don’t remind me.

Anddd at the very end, reward yourself! You deserve it! Good job! Congrats! ///hugs//For me, I get things done by Sunday and then just relax after 4pm with 2Days 1Night! Seriously… I’m gonna make a post on that later hehe.

Note that from the to-do list, some things are not gonna get done in time, that’s why you should even list the thing you have to do even a week from now. So there will be no excuses like “I forgot omggg”. xD

Wuuuu, this was long. It was my first time writing such a post haha hope this helped, even a bit. Thanks for reading! If you have anything you’d like to share, as on how you manage time, tell me in the comments~ Byeom ^^

(p/s:  updated some pages and add a contact page. will change the theme once my internet regain its speed. and I finally made categories since my past posts won’t fit in any… oh well. until then, enjoy~)


One thought on “Time Management – for someone who can’t manage time well

  1. behappyxxx

    LOL I suck at time management. I’m a huge procrastinator. It only started a few years ago. I used to actually get stuff done lol

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