New Year, New Positivity!

Hello and Happy New Year! Even though it’s already the 3rd of January here, I’m hoping it’s not too late to wish you all well and I hope you guys have wonderful days ahead! This is gonna be a long-ass post as usual, but I’ll try to lessen my rants this time ^_^

So! A day after Christmas, I wrote a long(er) post, saying that I’m gonna put this blog on a very long hiatus, and I ranted hella lot (like, two pages) and all through the post I wrote how I felt like failure for failing most of my science subjects although I’m in a science class. Also, about me not progressing much in my language journey.

But! As of today, this year, 2015, I am gonna delete that draft and not post it. I’m still being positive now, I don’t need that negativity. Writing it down to ease my heart a bit was a nice thing to do, but to spread that negativity here? That is so out of the purpose for me having this blog. I don’t really wanna read back all my posts from 2014 because it’s so full of negativity and it’s scary (at least, to me) when I actually wanted to be a motivational person in the first place. No kidding. Not sure why I’m up and about with happiness at my otome blog usually though…

Anyway, about this blog. I don’t feel like closing it or putting it on hiatus. Seeing my wordpress reader makes me all motivated again, seeing people with all that positivity. Yea bro seriously everyone is just so…. motivational! There’s gonna be a bit of a change though. This is not gonna be just a language blog, it’s gonna be pretty much ‘all-thing Korean’. See where I’m getting at? No, no. I won’t just bulk this place into kpop and stuff (maybe not much) but I’m gonna put some Korean stuff here, and not just languages. (I haven’t been putting languages here anyway lol). Since my otome blog is more to everything-Japanese, might as well just do this eh? I’m thrilled to start writing on stuff, honestly!

What about my language studying? It’s been going at a slow pace, but at least there’s a pace… right? I’ll put up my study methods in another post (lol finally gonna do that shit eeep) and some study aids from Korean entertainment and stuff~ I’m really enjoying learning but I stop when I want to. There is no race in this. We’re all in this together anyway, right?

This year I’m gonna be sitting for my SPM, which in Malay it’s called ‘Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia’, and I don’t know what it’s called in English. This is gonna decide where the heck I’m going for the future, and where I’m heading to. Some people call it college entrance exam but it’s not that true, for me its a ‘huge national exam where we should take if we don’t want to end up being homeless’ ha I’m not even kidding. Okay, maybe that was exaggerating. Even though I still don’t feel like I fit in a science class, but I’ll try my best this year to balance out everything. My parents (and brothers) had given me so much just to see me study well, and I’m grateful for that. Time to show ’em, the people who thought I couldn’t do it, that they’re wrong!

As for the future, in order to not lose sight of a goal, I’m aiming for Japanese-language studies! (I know that’s not the name, I’ll research some more in the future). People told me to pursue English linguistics, but why should I follow what people say? I write my own stories, walk my path all alone, and now you’re telling me which way to go? I’m sorry, but this time I’m doing this all for myself. I’m guessing all this positivity came from my goal in which “to end 2014 and getting out alive”. Goal achieved! lol ok its true tbh.

For 2015, my resolutions are more to a well-being and peace of mind. Pretty abstract, but I’ll build concrete goals as I venture through this year. (I know people say “you can just start, don’t wait for the new year”, but yolo bro).

I want to:

  • be more forgiving
  • be more diligent
  • be more accepting
  • be myself, in which I don’t want to compare myself to everyone much anymore
  • be happier!
  • to change people’s negativity into positivity
  • be stronger
  • and be the light that shines bright ❤

Whoops. That was long. Thank you if you’ve read through this! I hope you’ll have a nice day ahead, and may you be more productive (though I’m sure you already are!). See ya in the next post, byeom~! ❤




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