Study Log: Reviews and re-organizations


Although I started quite late in the evening, at last, I did some productive Korean studying! Yeass. I think the painful part was when I wanted to start. Every freaking time I feel motivated and hyped to study, I’ll get sleepy or some problems get in the way. Usually I want to study at night, but then I want to sleep so much. If I study during the day, there’s so many distractions like TV, and my cat that always ask to be played with ;;;;

So today, despite feeling so drowsy, I pushed away all excuses and just start. I feel like continuing after this as I’m just taking a break, but first I’ll fix up this blog. As you can see, I changed the theme as a fresh new start (somehow) and to keep me always motivated, now that I feel like my blog is neater.

Anyway, all I did today was reviewing from TTMIK lessons. Why? Because I’m a forgetful person, like really forgetful and it doesn’t help that I always can’t find the time to practice it everyday. And so, I decided to re-write the lessons starting from Level 2 to my new notebook. The old one is really uncomfortable to write in haha I don’t know how to explain even xD I also cut down my notebooks from hella 5 to only 2. One is for new verbs or words, and the other one is for grammar lessons. I don’t think I want to use other resources, because then I’ll feel overwhelmed.

So the stuff I mainly use to study now are:

  • TTMIK’s lessons
  • Anki flashcards
  • Monash Uni book thingy (1st book)
  • K-pop idols’ tweets. (Seeing their tweets everyday and being able to understand makes me happy!)

And when I’m bored, I take pictures.

Ohh and recently I bought new stuff!!

There we go, the ‘image’ of soon to be productivity heheh. All that left to buy are 2015 planner and calendar, plus those little cute tags that you can stick to tab pages. Next year’s gonna be a freaking busy year for me because senior year, and there’s national exams. Just now I checked my finals’ results and lol, I did real bad. Mom was mad too.

That’s why, I’ll try my best!! And everyone, let’s do our best together and have fun in our journeys! I may be slow but I’ll go at my own pace and will catch up somehow 😉

Fighting!! And thanks for reading, byeom~

(p.s: this turned into a rant post again // it’s Changjo’s birthday today wooo)


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