Studying Different Languages Simultaneously: Benefits & Tips

Polyglot Plotting

Edit84If there’s ever a particular response that I’m guaranteed to receive when I tell people that I’m into language learning, and what I’m currently studying, it’s invariably something along the lines of: “How can you study so many languages at once?”, followed by “Don’t you get mixed up?  Isn’t it confusing?”.  I’ve also noticed some other language learners expressing concerns at getting muddled when considering whether or not to take up another language. Don’t get me wrong, there is most definitely merit to focusing time and energy on just the one language (and it may be more suited to certain personality types and work styles).  And I agree that’s probably not a good idea to have a billion different languages on the go from scratch.  But it’s not all bad over here on the multi-language-learning track either: there are useful aspects to learning more than one language.  If you refuse…

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