Productive Holidays

Hello~ Long time no see heheh.

I hope everyone’s doing well, no matter how small the number of people reading this. Anyway, I know, 2014 has been a looongg, harsh year. But we’re in October already, isn’t that something to be happy about?! This year’s gonna end and you’re gonna end another semester or whatever. For me, I’ll be going out of this super depressed phase once I get used to stuff.

(Here’s a little positivity from my personal blog over here. Hope it helps in cheering you up even a little bit.)

Anyway! This week I’m on a holidays from school because of Deepavali so I’d like to take this chance to wish; Happy Deepavali to everyone who celebrates it! Have fun and enjoy yourselves~ If you’re on holidays as well, yeah, enjoy yourselves too!

Today I felt so productive hehehe. I finally got to learn some more grammar using TTMIK lessons, while reading (well, sort of) a webtoon~ Well, I’ve read the English version of the webtoon in LINE Webtoon app and since I got a grisp of what’s going on, I read the webtoon on naver anyway. I only understand like 15% of it…. pathetic, I think. But that’s okay. I mean, the art’s good too! I’m talking about this webtoon. Andd I have some suggestions of webtoons you should read here on my otome blog! Feel free to recommend to me as well ^^

After this I’m planning to learn some more vocabularies. I noticed that the Korean Flashcards website changed, right? But it re-directed me and my old account still can be used so it’s fine. The systems are still the same as well ^_^

I reviewed some of my past lessons and I was like “wow omg i rlly can understand this WOW” hah okay nothing amusing. Just that, these days I’ve been soooo lost. I mean, I feel so hopeless. I lost motivation, I get depressed, I feel so lonely. Sometimes I feel I lost the love for languages and the things I used to enjoy. It’s to that extent already, but I can’t give up now right? I’ve come so far anyway….

And I’ve noticed for a while that this blog is like a crumpled piece of messed up posts. Like, I don’t actually have a ‘proper’ study log and such. When I update like this I’ll end up ranting anyway, like now. So I’ve made my decision that I’ll fix this blog probably next month. I’ll pray that mom would really buy me a new laptop, change the internet service and then I can start on things!

Actually I’m still busy with my finals. I still have physics, biology and additional mathematics (calculus, I think? with a blend of statistics and everything confusing) papers after this week so yeah haha and then we still have to go to school omfg so exhausted seriously ;;;

My plans for this week is:

  • 30 – 60 mins of grammar lesson (since one lesson took me a while)
  • 45 – 60 mins of vocabulary learning
  • 15 – 30 mins of reviews (since I tend to forget things easily nowadays)

I hope it’ll go well since I have a lot of free time on my hands! Heheheh I guess that’s all. Thanks for reading, have a nice day! Byeom~


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