Continuation of a Journey


I know I said I’m on a temporary hiatus, so I guess I’m back now? Updates would be irregular, and as you can see, I actually have the time to have another blog rather than studying Korean. I hope nobody would judge me for this. I barely have readers to begin with.

Anyway, I found new methods of studying. At some point, I felt overwhelmed every time I look at the PDFs I downloaded… Not to mention any sites’ name, but I just feel like I need a change of pace. A change of things. I was relying on only one source because others don’t work. Now that those don’t work as well, I have to find something else.

Translating the game introduction from the previous reblogged post was actually hard work. Mostly because my level of Korean is very low, and there’s a lot of words that are not in the dictionary. Either it’s an ancient word, or maybe just a made-up word. Anyway, I’ll try my best and we’ll see how it goes. Once I’m ready, I’m gonna post my translation up here and I really hope somebody would correct me. My goal is by September or October. Maybe it’s impossible, but I have to at least try.

I’m currently studying right now and I guess I found a new alternative for my studying. It’s the free PDF textbook by Monash University; My Korean 1. (The download is on my resources page.) Well I remembered, this was my fave PDF but I always get overwhelmed. I guess it’s still my fave even now. I reviewed my past lessons and decided to study again the levels that I thought I’ve exceeded. Turns out, I really have more to learn.

The book really is useful and interesting. I mean, I get a lot out of this book than the other PDFs that I downloaded. There are some comic illustrations, and it has a little plot which I found funny and really helpful. I was really happy when I get to understand the text bubbles. This is pure bliss. Now I know I’ve actually stepped forward in my language learning.

I should admit, I’m actually a slow-learner. But I’m not giving up on this. I’ll keep going. Even if it takes longer than my goal, I will try.

I guess that’s all. May I be able to get back up from my huge fall. Thanks for reading, byeomm.


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