A New Motivation.

this is me writing from my otome blog regarding koreanlanguage studying, hah.

Little Mochii

Hello there. I’m not sure whether to post this on my language blog or my otome blog, so I decided to post onto one of ‘em and just reblog for the other one. It’s a mix of the two but whatever, I think I can pretty much do what I want.

Today I was searching for the motivation to continue my Korean language learning, which I have been slacking off for two months. Yeap, I said I’m gonna continue studying but I never did. I’m sorry, to nobody in particular. I feel sorry for myself, and pretty much also mad at myself. I spoiled myself too much, saying that “Ah, I won’t have enough time… I can’t absorb these much, I still have chemistry, physics and biology and even history facts to stick in my brain. What if I forgot them all?”. Here’s something to say to myself: What a…

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