A Little, Temporary Goodbye.

Hello, long time no see.
Wow, this new post layout is neat…

Uhm, well, today… Actually I’ve been thinking a lot. Scratch that, I barely have time to think. I guess it’s time to put this blog on a hiatus, a long one maybe. With that said, you can unfollow me anytime because I may not write anything in the near future. I’m… sorry I made this decision.

My life had been hectic, my stress are building up alongside my tasks and homeworks, but I always find time to watch anime or have fun, so it’s all good. I cried a lot though, because one minute my life could be wonderful and the next minute my happiness went down the drain with my problems. Personal problems, heartbreaks. Who doesn’t experience it, right?

And now, I barely have time to use a desktop computer or a laptop to study Korean. My phone has upgraded to android and I’m grateful for that, so I download a little app of something like a word a day where I can learn even without internet. My point is, there’s no time anymore. It’s kinda painful, having to study hard and ace for science subjects in the spotlight when you actually pursuing languages in the shadows.

I know, it looks like I’m selfish. As if I’m throwing all my hard work out of the window. That’s not it. I will never stop learning Korean. I’m just gonna put this blog on hiatus, that is all. Because I can’t update it anymore, and I could only learn like, maybe once a week for a word? It’s that hard. I know, some of you might think that I’m just giving excuses, but this is just as much I can handle. But fret not, as I say, I will continue studying. Just, not that frequent now. I might or might not remember the things I learnt before, but we’ll worry about the future when we get there. Maybe not now, but I’ll catch up everything whenever I get my holidays…

Have a blessed Ramadhan for Muslims out there, and till we meet again. Thanks for sticking up with this blog until now, where 90% of the things I threw in here are just rants and excuses. I’m sorry about that, and sorry if I offended you in any way. Have fun learning, everyone.

Let’s strive forward together!!

Annyeonghaseyo! *bows*


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