Excuses, and Confusion.


Yeap, today’s the first day of the school holidays I’ve been waiting for! I made it this far… finally. Well, I slept early early the other night, and even earlier last night. I guess I get the rest I’ve been wanting to take, and I’m grateful for that.

Today I’m happy that I get to be back into studying Korean, but then, something doesn’t seem right… I lack the motivation and energy tonight. Sheesh, more excuses. (Seriously, Nadia…). I went through the PDFs I downloaded, because I thought I don’t want to use TTMIK tonight. But then… I got sleepy. Yes, it sucks being me when you’re sleepy at the time you thought you’re the most productive. I love the evenings, and I prefer studying at night but I can’t even stay up late without dozing off. It’s annoying.

Another excuse, I guess, is that maybe because I’m coming down with a fever. Marching practice really knocked me down the other day, I was on the verge of tears because of the exhaustion. The real performance day is on Sports Day on the 16th June, so I guess I’ll have to be ready… and damn, what are those homework sheets doing in my bag!! T___T

But I guess I did learned something tonight. Like, 눈물 (tears) came from combining the word eye+water. I knew this beforehand, but I now get a clear view of it. In Malay, apparently, we use the same words for the words tears lol. It’s ‘air mata’, which literally came from the word ‘air’ as in water, and ‘mata’ as in eyes. So it became tears! Languages are wonderful…. ain’t it? I mean, if it isn’t then we weren’t be making these blogs right? Hahaha. 

Oh, and I also have been confused with some words… Like, I’ll be reading that particular word in a tweet, and I’d confuse that word with another different tweet with someone else. The words are ‘언제’, ‘어제’ and ‘이제’. So when I see these words I’ll be like…. thinking a while. As for ‘언제’, I might remember it as ‘when’ because I know in Park Kyung’s solo song that it’s the word for ‘when’. But then again, I’d get it confused with the other two words. Guess I’ll just be laughing at myself because probably I’m the only one who’s confused with such easy words…

Oh and before I end this post, I’d like to say thank you to the people who just followed me and the people who’s been following me until now! It’s nice to know that people are willing to be friends with me through all these rants and all hehehe. Let’s do our best together alright, fighting!!

See ya guys in the next post, byeom~~


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