Getting Back on Track

Hello there!
(Yeay, I have internet today~)

So I have only two more days of school, before I could really get back on studying Korean! School holidays are coming baby~ I know, I shouldn’t be giving excuses… but you know, I’m just tired. Mentally, that is. 

I don’t wanna badmouth or anything, but I’m seriously annoyed with the teachers’ reactions on our exam results. I know it’s very typical for teachers to be mad, but excuse me, they should be aware of what they say to the students. My friend, for instance. She was… well, stressed mostly. I don’t know what interrupts her study, but she didn’t do great on the exams and the teachers were like all attacking her! They said such hurtful words though, not supportive at all. I mean, why complain you have such students when even you teachers don’t care about what we, students feel? 

Somehow I manage to escape from teachers saying these stuff, but I do get scolded like that now and then. I just got slumped for a few days. Talk about depression. Yeah, you know, those feelings when you just wanna cry all of a sudden without a reason. Yes, that kind of feeling. I don’t know, it’s like a disease spreading in me….

So! I could start on TTMIK Level 3, and the pdf books also on the 3rd chapters. Not sure if this is a coincidence, but I somehow consider number 3 as my lucky number heheh. 

I looked at other people’s blog and I noticed how…. different and uninteresting my posts are. Instead, I talk about my life and everything… I hope you guys don’t mind. I mean, I really need to let it out one way or another right? Um….

I guess that’s everything. I should be ready for two more tiring days of school before I could relax. I’ll make sure to do reviews on my lessons that I left too. Yeah, I was wrong to leave everything but my mind is not in a good state… (Okay, what an excuse). Aight, that is all… bye~


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