“Jackpot” by Block B – KPOP Song of the Week


Modern Seoul

Hello and welcome to this weeks Modern Seoul KPOP Song of the Week, the fourth for April 2014. This week we’ve chosen the new release from Block B. The song is titled “Jackpot” and it was released back on Monday April 14th. Since then it has been viewed around 1,200,000 times on YouTube. Here are our reasons for choosing “Jackpot” for our KPOP song of the week:

  • Firstly the song has a unique and almost circus sound which help it to stand out.
  • Secondly the video it as you might expect is weird, wacky and off the wall.
  • Finally Block B are part of a new group of KPOP bands who are helping mold and improve the overall quality of the genre.
  • On the negative side; it’s not as good as “Very Good”.

Block B Jackpot - Banner

More Pictures from Jackpot and Links for Block B

Block B Jackpot - Dance

Block B Jackpot - Bike Chase

Block B Jackpot - Girl

Block B Links:


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