Everything in Between

(Typed on 21st April at 10:35pm)

Hello there. (Yes, I still don’t have internet yet)

Anyway, since the last time I typed on WordPad about how busy my life was, I’ve been pondering about my Korean studies a LOT. Like, even on the way to school I’d think of how or when I should start getting back on track. And so, I decided.

I started yesterday. I printed some stuff and even without the internet, I struggled to understand the lyrics of Block B’s Be The Light with the help of my Korean dictionary… Well it really is nothing much, because most words aren’t even in there. But I guess it’s better than nothing? Even if I couldn’t translate the whole stanza, I still learn new words now and then. Like shadows! And darkness.

And yay, I finally finished level 2 of TTMIK!! I literally just hop on where I last left the whole thing, but I guess I can review and understand it better now… I did a LOT of reviews, like writing back the things I forgotten and such. What I was bummed about is that, I tried listening to the dialogue thingy… But I was too slow. The percentage of my understanding by hearing is just 15% and by the PDF (w/o translations) is just 25%…. I wonder… What have I been studying?! At times like these I’ll wonder whether I’m actually a step ahead in my studies or what….

As I’ve told, my midterm is around the corner and yet I’m doing this and that. I don’t know, I love doing the things I love right? Studying isn’t one of it lol but I don’t hate it. Everyday is just tiring anyway…

Alright, I’ll try to study some more before I go to bed. Fighting everyone, goodnight and bye~

edit: am using the school library’s computer like a boss. wish i could have my internet and be back soon, but i dont think that’ll happen in the near future ;;;;


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