Another Productive Sunday


Surprise, surprise. Another post after an update yesterday, I’m surprised myself hahaha. Yesterday night, after doing (but still unfinished) homework of mine, I got kinda stressed. My head was spinning because I couldn’t find the answer, so in order to relieve the stress, I decided to continue on a new lesson of TTMIK yay! I reviewed some lessons and now I’m finally at Level 2 Lesson 28. I know, I’m kinda slow right. And I was really happy because I get to re-organize my pdf textbooks, but I still didn’t get to continue where I left off.

I’m not sure if people do this, but when people say ‘learn through variety’, I jump through the resources I have hehe. First I’ll learn something from TTMIK, and then I’ll either read one or two other Korean textbook pdfs that I have. I’m also trying to enrich my vocabulary, because ummm people said that’s the key to learning a new language?

Today I spent a few hours on Korean-Flashcards (like I always do) but then I got bored. So I decided to do a lyrics breakdown thingy. And yea I did, I went with EXCITE’s Comeback To Me. I’ve started breaking down and translating only one line before, but today I tried my best for a stanza. I copied the words that I don’t know and search for them, and then I try to understand the whole sentence. But it’s a lot of work, and it didn’t help because when I was doing that I was listening to Suju M’s Swing…. which happens to be in Mandarin. What a way to make my brain confused xD Anyway, through the end of the stanza I got tired, so yeah I think that’s enough translating for the day.

I’ve copied tons of lyrics to microsoft word just in case I wanna do them sometime later, and I guess I have to set up some goals. I looked for some more songs today too. The lists of songs then are now… well, I don’t even know when I would finish one song even.

I’m planning to finish EXCITE’s Comeback To Me before one of my bestfriend’s birthday in April (there are two of them so I’d better plan well lol). And then when I’m done I shall quickly pick up another song and I hope it’s easier because I’m planning to finish translating before my own birthday hehehe and also to get to somewhere in Level 3 of TTMIK lessons when I’m at it. Doing this makes me happy. I mean, there’s a lot of ways to learn and using your own methods wouldn’t hurt right?

And then another goal, before the end of the year I shall translate the rap songs that I’ve always wanting to do. It’s hard for me now because it has a lot of words. Like, one stanza is freaking 12 lines long omg ;;; And then BTS has this one ‘satoori rap’ that I want to try too, but that’ll have to wait. I’ll better do my best understanding standard Korean before anything else right hehe.

Once I’m done translating, I’ll surely make a post of it~ I guess that’s all. I should start writing one of my fics now omg I’ve been procrastinating a lot…. On a side note, I think I’ve been studying Korean for 3 months now… wow, time really flies.

Hah, that’s all I guess. Hafta go to school tomorrow even it’s the school holidays. Fighting everyone!!


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