Today I would like to say, time flies by kinda slow. Hah, I just wanna skip to the middle of April already. I’ve been really busy. Honestly, not even with studies. Just, with those extra co-curricular activities at noon and whatnot. Having to participate this, that, I don’t really want it but I have to love it in order to be good at it, aight?

Since the past weeks I’ve been learning a lot of Korean vocabulary, so I guess I learn something although I have a very busy schedule and have to deal with a lot of things. Yeap, I’m grateful for that.

School holidays are coming, and I don’t think I’m excited anymore. Why? Because during those holidays, I still have those activities. Allah, please give me strength. I go home at 6pm everyday and hafta do shitload of homework, wow, I barely have time to relax and sleep. Whatever it is, I’ll have to endure it.

I just got into BTS, and they’re really good. Meaningful lyrics that I can relate to attracted me a lot. Their songs’ lyrics gave me motivations, to stay strong, and endure everything. Everything’s going on today would be yesterday tomorrow right?

The good news is, I’m grateful that mom doesn’t mind what I wanna be in the future, which actually not even related to my stream now. I’m in science stream but she doesn’t pressure me much because she knows it’s hard. I still wanna do my best, that shameful feeling after failing a subject when your bestfriend passed with flying colours… I have to do better. Hah, I never failed any subject until this year. Guess I’m just as dumb lol.

Today I don’t feel like writing any fanfics. I have ideas, but I just don’t feel like typing it out. What’s more, I have an idea for a new fanfic when I haven’t finished any of the ones I started since last year haha (okay I did finish one but I started on another one right away). I always said to my friend; “After I’m finished with all of these, I’ll stop writing and calm my mind”. That day never happens, as I always get ideas. Hah, what a joke ;;;

I don’t think I have anything more to say. Fighting, everyone. Stay strong. My life now requires physical strength as well but I just gotta be strong. Yeah, we can do this. Hwaiting!!

See ya next week, bye~


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