Keeping Up with Life.

Hello there.

It’s March already, and I could at least say that time flies fast in this post too because it’s already the 8th of March. So far March brought me a lot of pain rather than happiness, but there’s still some bit of joy in between. I’m grateful for everything.

It’s a really calm Saturday today, when nobody’s home and all. I’m just here typing, listening to my kpop+khiphop playlist. Okay I’m not gonna lie, I always post saying I’ll do this and that later but most of the time only some of the things I posted actually happened lol. So today I decided to try finish something before actually writing it. So yeay, I was able to update two of my fics and finished reviewing my korean lessons!!

I admit, I forgot some things that I learned and actually there are some things that I didn’t fully understood when I was studying them before, because I was such in a rush in December. But now that I review my notes again, I somehow got an in-depth understanding of them heheh. I also learned some new Korean words. I actually wanted to do homework first but I’m not in the mood to. If you ask about progress, I could actually say I haven’t been progressing much, but I take a step at a time. I don’t blame school, I don’t even want to.

You see, I’m not the type who cry easily, but just this year, just this fucking 2014, I cried a lot. And March wasn’t any better. On the first day of March I cried first thing in the morning, and just this week I cried twice. I don’t know. All these years being in high school, I don’t have much problems, but this year… Now I know what being a teen really means, heh.

There was a news that a Malaysian plane heading to China suddenly disappeared from the radar, but I wasn’t sure of the news itself. It suddenly…. vanished. I’m really worried, and all we Malaysians could do is to pray for their safety. The thing is, the airline haven’t had any plane crash since 1977, and even the plane itself is in a very good condition, plus the pilots are professionals. And there are two infants on board. I don’t want anyone to point fingers and blame anyone, because this is fate. If something was bound to happen, it will happen. Allah. Let’s just pray for their safety.

I think that’s all for now. Will be busy for two whole weeks, and I’m really looking forward to that one week holiday by the end of the month. Let’s be strong, everyone! Nadia fighting!!!


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