Leaving February


Yes, it’s been a week and more since I last posted. And I didn’t even make that post which I said I would…. The other day after the last post my mind just went blank and lazy, so I decided not to update lol. I shouldn’t have done that but…. I live with no regrets. HA.

And yay, alhamdulillah, my exams are over!! Today was my last paper and today is also the last day of February. Tomorrow’s March already, man, seriously. I think I did so-so and I actually am gonna be depressed when I get my marks probably, but it’ll be my motivation to study harder for future exams. Go Nadia!!

And yes, I’ve been slacking on my Korean studies. I didn’t study at all omg ;;; So my plans for today are updating my fanfics (after playing a ds game), review my lessons and skimming through to remember stuff and then learn new words. At least I’m doing something, right? I really need to know how to balance things well. Even my room is in a huge mess, with books all stacked up like a freaking tower.

And this week’s Saturday and Sunday, I won’t be home in the morning. Will be busy again like last week, as a Red Crescent Society member (red cross society in most countries), I did my duty. Both days, so yeap, I didn’t even rest well. But honestly during this exam week I slept early, so I think I paid-back my sleep hours like that? Lol my logic, everyone.

I think that’s all for today heheh yay for school holidays in a few weeks!! I’m looking forward because I have a lot of plans hehehehe see ya in the next post, annyeong~


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