A Calm Sunday

Hello everyone!

It’s Sunday again, and it’s been a week since I started this blog. I’ve been thinking a lot about the time lately, as you can see how I always post about that on my blog haha. Really, next year is my last school year… wow… 

Anyway, I’m glad that so far everything’s fine today. I don’t really like Sundays so it really matters to me that it’s calm today lol. I finished most of my homework this morning, just hafta continue more in the evening. Talk about Korean studies, I may only be using Korean Flashcards. There isn’t much time to properly sit here and write down stuff from ttmik pdfs. I have exams next week, and yeah, I need to study for that too. 

So today I (finally) made a resource page! But it’s incomplete haha. I’m thinking of uploading the pdf files I use on mediafire…. Maybe some time later today? Yeah. Though my blog doesn’t have much audience, I’m still going to update it as much as I like. I’m doing this mostly for me anyways heheh. Next post today is…. my ways on learning hangul with Kpop! Yes, the Korean alphabet. 

Tbh I studied Japanese in the beginning of 2013, with the characters. Memorized hiragana and katakana with the help of Japanese PS2 games, so I applied the same method when I playfully wanted to learn Hangul, you see, but there’s no games in Korean that I’ve found… Yes, I started with Japanese and not even interested in learning Korean, but I dropped everything in May/June 2013 to concentrate on my national exams that year. But no, I never regret learning Japanese. I may continue learning once I’m satisfied with my Korean, because my dream is to be an interpreter! (…I finally said it!!)

Well, see ya in the next post then. Bye~


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