Time Waits for No Men…. Aight?


Well, it’s Tuesday. Last time I thought a lot about the date was on the 7th, and today it’s the 11th (going 12th in about half an hour). Time really flies. Like, really. Who gave it wings? No I wasn’t even being funny. 

But anyway, I finally use the Korean-Flashcards email like I should have been!! I subscribed on that site last December and I’ve been pretty much spammed everyday on my phone but I never really care so I let it spam a lot and I’m like “Oh, I’ll get to this later” and it’s February when I finally decided to properly use it. Hah.

So today I learnt the word 받다 which means ‘to receive’. You know the feeling of, when there is a short Korean sentence and you’re able to make out what it actually means? You know? Omg seriously it brings me a lot of joy. Even just by understanding two simple sentences with 받다 in ’em tonight makes me happy until now even from 9pm earlier. It really is motivating!! That’s why I always want to translate idols’ tweet. But they tweet freaking paragraphs I just stopped half-way hahaha.  

So now I get what other bloggers say when they mentioned “instead of studying for 2 long hours in 3days, it’s better to study 30minutes everyday instead”, and that’s what I’m currently doing! Ahh, thank you, you wonderful bloggers!! This way, I’ll get to enrich my vocab more hehehe. (And thus… my notebooks for Korean learning had increased yet again… idk hahaha)

Okay so with the quick time flying, I’ll be off now. I planned on setting up resource and motivation pages, but I was only able to update my about page. I’m tired, and I still have school on Saturday whoop. Anyways thanks for reading, have a nice day/night everyone! ^^


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