“Top 10 Tips for Language Learning” by Transparent Language.. and my thoughts on it!

Hi again! 

As the title says… I’ll be breaking down my thoughts and stuff about the PDF that I just read; “Top 10 Tips for Language Learning” by Transparent Language. It’s a PDF of tips, if you aren’t clear yet. You can download it here. Don’t worry, just put in your name and the download link would be send to your e-mail. No virus ok. 

Honestly, I love reading motivations, tips, or even people’s experiences on things. Really. Actually I spent a few hours after my recent post following some blogs… and I’m going to read the rest of their posts after this hehehe. (Thanks for those who follow back omg I’m so happy because I’m such a nugu blog but you wonderful people do follow me ;;; )

Alright, this is ain’t a review okay? Just, the stuff that I read and what I have to say about the certain contents. There might be spoilers but I don’t think this is a story book so why not? xD I read it an hour ago so I’m reviewing it again. I’m gonna do homework after this (yes, please stop procrastinating, dear self). Leggo!

The Forward: Okay, just by reading this, I was happy to know that because I study on my own, I won’t have teacher’s getting mad at me for not finishing or remembering this and that. And that I don’t have to be cramped to finish a lot of things at a time. In short, I can do things at my own pace yay!

1. Assess Your Goals: 
Well, the very basic of everything. Even if I go to study seminars this is the same thing they would tell us. So, goals. I have many… but I really need to list them out. I’ll do a page on goals and wishlist soon after I write it down on a paper for sure. The main question would always be “Why are you doing this?”. There are times where I feel embarrassed to say what I wanted in life. I don’t know, people would look down at you, you know? But I should get rid of that thought soon, and then I’ll be clear of everything. But the thing about learning Korean is, it brings me happiness. Whenever I get to translate stuff for my friends, it makes me really happy! Hehehe.

2. Create A Game Plan
Okay, this content pretty much telling us to plan ahead on stuff… Yes, I should do that. My mind is unorganized these days anyways haha and I should make a plan for my school studies while I’m at it. And of resources… The only one I paid for was a idk umm Pocket Korean Dictionary? Which I actually shared money with my bestfriend lol (i’m not stingy i just dont have that much money and im really thankful to her). But other than that, everything is free I guess? 

3. Build Your Vocabulary
Right, I should start on at least memorizing a few words a day rather than skipping some days… And then I remembered I subscribed to Korean Flashcards on my e-mail yay! So I could just view them from my phone. Okay this one is important to me yeap yeap. 

4. Balance Your Learning
I will… try my best…. Nahh, it says that I should balance between listening and writing etc. Sure, I’ll try my best on it! I don’t watch dramas but I do watch variety shows. So I learnt from there.

5. Form A Habit
So it says, it’s like a diet. You have to get used to things, I suppose? Like, try to at least learn a little word each day. You know what they say… A little thing goes a longgg way.. (I think it’s like that.. wasn’t it?). Like how I like to do homeworks at night. That’s a habit of mine lol

6. Use Technology
Ahh really, yes! I’m using my brother’s netbook for everything now and he said he’ll officially give it to me once he gets an iPhone (which is…. going to happen a maybe few years from now). But I’m glad he doesn’t mind I use it like it’s my own, just that, can’t change background, can’t install useful stuff like Anki… No, nope, cannot. And I wanted an Android phone so bad omg there’s so many apps I wanna download T___T

 7. Mix It Up
Okay, actually…. It’s like adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Yeah, that’s what I do. In some days I don’t want to actually learn new things, I practice things that I already know. Like, try translating a song! Currently working on a few, and if I ever succeed on one, the post would be here of course! 

8. Track Your Progress
Thus, this blog!! I did some posts on my tumblr but I feel so limited there plus lonely and I type lazily hahaha but if you’re interested then click here and read my three posts of idk my experiences and rants… But now that I have this blog, I don’t feel that lonely learning Korean because the blogs I follow are very inspirational and motivating!! 

9. Forgive Yourself If You Falter
In this content it says “You may be good in English but there are still more words that you don’t know!” which is true because I don’t even know what falter means…. *goes to check on mobile dictionary* Oh!! Okay so now I understood haha right right. It’s like, start making mistakes. Yeah, I tend to forget the things I study… But it says forgive and try diving back in! 

10. Never Stop
Well, learning doesn’t just take overnight to be better at everything. Unless you’re a genius… but I’m not sure that works too hahaha. “Focus on enjoying the journey, one word at a time. One of the most important pieces of advice you can get is simply to have fun with it.” Yes I’m really enjoying learning Korean hehehe and I’m having fun! I’m even studying it while listening to kpop songs because #yolo hahahah

Okayy, that’s the end of it! Wow, very long post hahaha not sure if anyone’s gonna read it (cliche isn’t it). So, if you manage to read till here, then, have you read this PDF I’m talking about? If you do, be sure to tell me your thoughts okay!

Now I’m off to do homework. And tomorrow’s Monday… Have a nice day everyone, and fighting!!


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