Productive Sunday

Hello everyone.

So today I woke up like I usually do on weekends which is on 10:30 a.m for the sake of wanting to watch Dream Team. Man, there’s Jerry and U-kwon!! But then… Dad holds the remote and throughout today I could watch none of my fave Sunday TV shows (yes, including 2Days and 1Night booo)

So with an already screwed up mood I went to look over at my homework. Guess what! I didn’t go to school on Friday and my textbooks are at school, so I’m not even sure myself even after asking my friends for homework so I decided to come back later tonight to do them (lazy dont u think). I have to study too because exams are coming up next week.

And finally, I came to the netbook to study Korean! Yay! But wait, actually, I handle multiple fandoms’ fanbases so I have to handle that first. The thing is… I was stuck handling Jaehyo’s fanbase because he records Dream Team today and yeah… I got sidetracked for a freaking hour and a half. I don’t blame him, nope, he was too adorable to be blamed hahaha.

And then (another) finally, I started on my Korean learning yay! I downloaded TTMIK’s lessons from level 1 till 9 earlier before I even started and so I just continued where I left of. I’m currently still at level 2, but I managed to get to lesson 24 today! I only use the PDFs because I was too lazy to download the mp3 with my dumb connection. So I spent some hours learning new things, and then I did the workbook PDF as well. Only some of them.

Talk about personal study methods…. But I’ll go to that on another post. Once I finished with everything, I went to handle the fanbases again. Well that’s what I usually do on weekends if I don’t update my fanfics.

And now, I’m reading Transparent Language’s “Top 10 Tips for Language Learning” PDF. Yeah I’ll update another post just after this once I’m done reading. Motivations and stuff are important, aren’t they?

Okay I’ll guess I’ll stop here. See ya in the next update!



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