Study Blog — hajimemashou!

After reading blogs and posts about how people keep track of their korean learning stuff, I considered to make my own. And after just a few minutes of consideration, I decided to make one. At first, it was supposed to be on blogspot rather than wordpress. I spent hours, going through the net to find themes and great blogskins to decorate it, but man, what a pain.

I finished my one fanfic, and then decided to do a wordpress blog instead. Why? Because it’s simpler and easier! And it’s awesome and nice. And I’m not sure why I’m promoting wordpress, but yeah, it just came to me.

So, welcome to everyone that stumbled upon this blog! My goal isn’t to have readers, but if people do read this, I would really feel appreciated (if that even matters). And bismillahirahmanirahim, I hope everything goes well with this blog.

Let the journey begin!


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