Study Log – 18th March 2018

Hello, hello.



I think I can keep up with the study logs if it’s only once a month, so I guess I’ll stick with that kind of scheduling, haha. I don’t really know what to update here anymore but then again, I can’t bring myself to delete this blog.

So maybe my posts will be a bit more straightforward from now on, or not… Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • I’ve finished until chapter 9(1) of TRY! N4 Textbook. If you’re curious, here.
  • I posted another Lang-8 post! Yay.
  • I finished a reading course for elementary level on JF’s Japanese e-learning, here.
  • I skimmed through Genki 1 and tried to do their exercises, which was very helpful in seeing how much I’ve progressed and what I’ve yet to know, hehe.
  • I discovered that my listening comprehension isn’t that bad, and I think it’s improved greatly when I played collar x mallice for five days straight before my finals, haha.

I dropped everything during my finals so I thought I had to make up for loss time. I did start watching Gakuen Babysitters and Sanrio Danshi so that’s more listening practice in, though. I think I’m liking this immersion thing, haha.

If we talk about time, I’ve wasted lots of them in 2017. If I had properly studied Japanese at that time, I would have been at N3 by now. But I know, we can never take back the time we’ve lost, and sometimes it’ll be overwhelming to try to make up for the time we’ve wasted. Trying to fit in everything as if we can take back the time is counter-productive, too. I read a quote about that before that snapped me back into reality, so it’s more like I’m starting anew and stepping forward.

I’m happy with the pace I’m going and I really hope I can keep at it, or at least can manage time properly. I told myself that this year, while I will be taking things one step at a time, I also want to be more disciplined in studying, because I’m serious about studying Japanese and I’m aiming for it to be something I can be proud of one day.

Wow, that took a different turn haha. And yeah, I’m not just hoping, but I’m going to make sure I study properly this time.

Thank you for reading and hopefully we’ll see each other in the next update! Byeom~



Study Log & Life Updates

Hello. I’m sorry for the long absence. I didn’t know I’ve left this blog that long… ;;; Anyways, here’s a long hefty post of what I’ve been up to, if any of you are interested, haha. Let’s go~


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Study Log — 25th Sept

Hello. Wow, these log posts used to be posted once a week, then once every two weeks, and now it’s once a month? …It kinda makes me think as if I’m learning languages only one week a month, and that’s discouraging…

Anyway, I do have exciting good things to log in about in today’s post, so more under the jump!


Here, have a picture of my cat not caring about me trying to study. 

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Study Log – 31st July & Number in Languages

Hello. I know that it’s August already, but I needed something to take my mind off work for now, so tadaa.


I’m happy to say that even though last week I didn’t get to study everyday, I think I got my main weekly goals done and I feel my studies are fruitful so far, so yay. Unfortunately I’ll be busy this week with my subtitling, so I’m not sure if there will be a language log next week, but I’ll try my best!

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Getting Back into The Swing of Things.


Yes, that’s a very long title, and this will be a very long post as well. Long time no see, everyone. This post will be a bit about everything that has been happening lately, also some notes/assessment of how I’ve been learning languages, and what I should and should not do regarding them.


More under the cut.

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